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Caliban had verdant forests, a society that many Rememberancers could write Knightly romance stories or poems about. Home of the First Legion and its stoic Primarch, an order of Astartes that would be classed as warrior monks in days of old. Caliban had its beauty, but it had more dangers than one thought.

Plants that would find a human or animal or Astartes tasty, wild beasts that made some ancient Terran beasts look like pussy-cats. Caliban was not a paradise world like MaCragge or other worlds of the 500, it was a death world. The Humans who lived there had learnt to live with the dangers that their world imposed, learnt to live and avoid, but, like many worlds of this definition, Caliban would never be tame and never completely safe.

Hydra team 5 had been briefed, and hypo taught about all things but even the tech priests couldn't impart all the knowledge into them, and that included dealing with the Caliban heat. They had spent time acclimatising to the differing weather patterns, but even so, it had taken a while to adjust.

They had arrived six weeks ago and had heard the chatter in the local inn in the fortress city they had moved into. Thankfully it had gone smoothly, and they had managed to bluff their obvious discomfort with the weather on being away from the mother planet for too long. Many of the citizens had slapped the men on the back and laughed, telling them they would soon re-adjust, or if their skins had become too soft then the planet would find a way to make them remember.

It was disconcerting to think that the people here saw Caliban as a living entity rather than a world of death and challenges. Then again, the men and women of Fenris probably said the same thing about their home world. They mixed in with the community, doing only what was necessary to be seen as one of theirs and when their Commander gave the order to proceed to stage two.

The message came through coded speech in taverns or inns. It was not unusual to see some of the Sons of the Lion come into the Fortress towns and cities, it would have been on their patrol route and it was not unusual for them to come and choose candidates for the next intakes. This was a source of great pride for the families, having a son accepted into the order of Dark Angels would gain them honour, prestige and immortality.

Of course the Geno's knew that it was not always as simple as that. The tests to become a Dark Angel were some of the harshest among the Astartes. They might take one hundred applicants, of that one hundred fifty might make it through to the next stage, and when it came to the final stage of that fifty, only ten might become Astartes. Not all the dead were from battle injuries some were killed if they did not have the heart to continue, but their families were always told they had died in honour, knowing the dishonour such a revelation of cowardice would place upon a family for several generations if not eternity.

The Astartes loved their secrets and ceremonies and the Alpha Legion...correction Sons of the Hydra were no different. It was still taking some getting used to. But their was not to question their Lord, he did what he had to do and they were proud to follow him. Their handler had been good enough to inform them of the honour given their commanders. Hurtendo, Peto and Rukshana deserved it, they had saved them from the horror of the Black Box that had killed so many of their friends and comrades.

They owed Omeagon their lives and it was not a debt they could ever repay, nor would they want to. Their brief was simple but complex at the same time. They were to infiltrate the Rock, observe and report any and all occurrences that might lead to an answer on what the Dark Angels were doing and to assist Hydra Commander 3 in anyway he saw fit. It was simple in the way it was spoken, yet complex in the fact that the Dark Angels were notoriously secretive and paranoid. Many believed that the Night Lords held that title, but compared to the Dark Angels, the Night Lords were a piece of cake when it came to paranoia.

The five agents were sat in their home, relaxing after their first duty in the rock. They had kept their heads down, doing the duties assigned to them, this was going to take some time, no mission ever had success on a first day, but they had all picked up the vibes. Caselia had been almost overwhelmed at the paranoia not just the Astartes but the everyday soldiers too. It gave them an inkling on how to act, but would make their job that much harder. They had seen maybe three Dark Angels, but this was the home of the Dark Angels, they should have seen more than three, and they had not seen the custodian either, not that they had expected too but reports had said that Luther always made some appearance to greet the new arrivals.

Still their day had passed without incident and yet they could not help but think, there was more to it then what they had seen.
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