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Originally Posted by The Gunslinger View Post
Is there a way of running a foot slogging lord other then just keeping him cheap?
The thing about a footslogging Lord... is Chaos already has a boatload of footslogging special characters. Can you make a Lord as killy and cheap as Kharn? Can you make as hard of a ability-stacked killer as Abaddon, buying artifacts all over the place?

Yeah, you can run a footslogging Lord... say, stick him in a Rhino with the BBoS to be firing out the hatch (with, say, 5 CSM who only get one special weapon anyways--make it a plasma gun, probably). A Termi lord can DS, to make up for Infantry lack of mobility... but then what can a Nurgle Termi Lord do that Typhus doesn't do better? Save a few points and that's it, really--Manreaper is great, Typhus's statline is great, his psychic powers are great... you just have to beware S10 ID around him. I'd rather have Typhus than a fisticlaws Termi Lord then bring some zombies to boot.

If you don't like the thought of Nurgle Bikes, you can also go Nurgle Spawn led by only the Bikerlord--1 bike in the army (possibly converted nurgle-beasty instead of a bike, too) isn't too bad.

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