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to better "improve" the above list i'd say to make 3 units of 5 nurgle marines with meltaguns and combimelta instead of 2, maybe with another unit on foot to babysit the obliterators. i'd also suggest you get some 20 cultists since they are a truly reliable tactical unit, able to do many things, from swarming the field to dying cowering behind a ruin...
So i'd say, for a normal 998 pts
Nurgle daemon prince w/wings (200)
(for fast melee menace)

5 marines, nurgle, melta, combimelta, rhino (145)
5 marines, nurgle, melta, combimelta, rhino (145)
5 marines, nurgle, melta, combimelta, rhino (145)
(for objective grabbing and antitank duty, always remember you can dislodge units from objectives with a rhino trampling...)

5 Plague marines, 2 flamers, meltabombs (135)
(for obliterator babysitting and footslogging advance if needed)

3 units of 1 Nurgle Obliterators (228)
(for pew pew pew)

Hope this helps, GLORY TO CHAOS!

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