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Originally Posted by Khorne's Fist View Post
Don't DA already have a hardback codex?
they do, though it is a sixth edition codex and is 2 years old so i suppose is fair game if all others are to be updated to seventh too, plus they are an exceptionally popular space marine chapter, also i have noticed the ravenwing battle force has dropped off my order list so there could be some truth in it, might just be a quick rehash and new box art for the models without any new units, they did pretty well last time they were released in terms of new models,but i also wouldnt be too shocked to see some plastic characters,plastic chaplains in terminator armour? maybe a new dread?chaplain dread? deathwing dread? then again the blood angels picked up arguably two plastic kits they really didnt need, with the tactical and terminator assault squads, so dark angels could effectively roll up with any new plastic kit, so its not worth trying to guess.

looking at the list of possible releases its a perfectly sensible list, i honestly cant see GW not releasing Sisters this year, i dont think the range could be allowed to go on for yet another year without giving the players a new codex and new minis.

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