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Default 2015 40k releases

According to BoLS at least:

40K: The Codices of 2015

The Army Books:
(release order is unknown, but the last rumors reported Necrons first)

- Necrons
- Dark Angels
- Chaos Marines
- Sororitas
- Chaos Daemons

The "Special Armies"
This category are the new rumored "small codex armies" that have only a handful of units, short pagecount codices, and are entirely new to the game (or have been out of print for decades).

- Harlequins (rumors say Februrary more regularly)
- Others (conflicting chatter of everything from Ad-Mech to Genestealer Cult, and even more exotic factions...)

In general these are the "Imperial Knight" type releases this year - designed to make a big splash and spike sales due to the fact the faction is entirely new miniatures. Look for 1-2 of these this year.
I want to believe in Sisters getting a release this year, but I'm not going to hold my breath on it.
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