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Originally Posted by Tawa View Post
Beat me to it. Yeah, the 360 arc on an ion turret has been a great help every time I've used it.

Anybody got a breakdown of the gubbins you get with each ship? I fancy getting hold of the original Enterprise and the Reliant to start off my Federation fleet.
Well that's the trick in STAW. right out the box, both ships are playable and competitive.

A lot of people are turns off the indifferent moulding, paint jobs and scale issues. I just wanna play so DGAF.

The Reliant even comes with the Wrath of Khan Scenario so there is that too.

One thing which is clever/assholish of WK to do is that every ships comes with some good, some bad and a lot in the middle. The best upgrades in crew, captains and weapons for every ship are in other ship packs. Likewise, you will need the starter pack to play. But it is basically a good (75%) simulation of Trek ship combat.

You also do not need all the perfect crew and captains, especially the big names to be competitive. With the gentle slope in power those two ships will still be reasonably competitive pound for pound in almost any game and right out of the pack.

Now; how I play is basically to go with cheap captains and the best PhoTorps I can get. the better secondary weapons (photon Torpedoes) do A LOT to level the playing field in any game. I've been playing and trouncing my buddy regularly since I started with a Reliant, Excelsior and Nova.

The key factor is to be able to hit the enemy for that you need a wide field of fire. Maneuverability will help this and better weapons help you do more damage.
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