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I worked on the feasibility of converting my already existant Warlord into a Warmonger Emperor class Titan.

That and cleaned the garage.............

I'm guessing, it's an epic scale model but whether it is home-made or a kit I have no idea.

Mine (depending when ever I find time to start making it) in it's first iteration will use my standard Warlord legs and foot pads with be plug-in inverted flower pot shaped greaves that will house a couple platoons of foot soldiers (groan) each. the modular features of my Warlord readily allow for the removal of the front and rear toes so the step-like toes of the Warmonger can be installed at the toe hinge points.

The new toes will give at least an inch more of height to the model that and the enhanced superstructure will increase the Warlord's height from 28 inches to around 36 inches (0,91 meters) so the size I am shooting for should be easily attainable. Removal of the Warlord generator housings require less than a minute and the new add on superstructure will plug in the same way. In all it will probably take less than 15 minutes to convert Warlord to Warmonger or back so the project is eminently doable...........when I have the time :D

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