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Default Trick #11

One day, maybe, one of the "Grunts" of the BL will make Me an official invitation for a conference!


After have thinking carefully Judge Luββ made call Dejihon, the astropath, and sent a message crypto-protected Inquisitor Qradd Grymmaldo. The judge knew well the Inquisior because they had collaborated several times in the past, he trusted Grymmaldo and his judgment, forged from his duty with the Blacks Templars on one of their Battle Barges warships. Upright, pious, firm in their choices, but not a blind performer Puritan or a Radical extremist. Able to listen and, and only later, after some thought and analyzed the judgment issued!

Luββ knew that they had been monitoring Lúmino like all similar or better than him! Anything until those days had to think of a hidden plot ... The judge began to analyze some frames of surveillance cameras in the library and in the boy's room ... From those he realized that Lúmino acting prudently! He found interesting topics and hid with homework or other research. Encrypt theinformation as if they were normal school notes. He had take the decision to go very quickly, as quickly had obtained informations about the mutant lake...
Also everything is coming almost like an event expected at some point a fact, a tale make its apparition. As if were "it" to find yourself ... you just join and ... everything changes! Instantly.

Luββ organized a secret meeting with the Inquisitor to discuss the matter concerning the disappearance of Lúmino, about mutant lake and other things connected with this question ...
Long before dawn, in a secluded lobby of the upper floors of Averna judge Luββ met with the Inquisitor Qradd Grymmaldo. After a formal greeting, without regard to the pleasantries, they began to discuss the case.

« From the information that you sent me, rather fragmentary, told me that there is escape a guy of the Schola Progenium ... Please give me more details ... »

« Lúmino is the boy’s name, he is a promise for the structure of the Empire! Does not have psychic abilities but has a very high Q.I. We kept monitored as all similar cases but has slipped his research on Warp and Immaterium ... »
It 'not a more attentive, but the fact, I would say, was almost sudden, unpredictable, according to our point of view, for a guy like Lúmino, who had never aroused any kind of suspicions!
They discussed, then, to lugo of the matter. The qualities of Lúmino and its changes, the originality of the case and came to a conclusion shared: they would investigate, trying to find out where he was and Lúmino everything and who had allegedly helped the guy in his decision.
Grymmaldo said he would immediately contacted, by astropathic way, an efficient collaborator (mathematician and castigator) which would immediately start up for discover whereabouts Lúmino was.

Loaded like a freight train
Flyin' like an aeroplane
Feelin' like a space brain
One more time tonight

I had crossed a space that looked like fog but it looked like a mirror ...
He found himself in a space where the color was a emerald green ... pale. With difficulty he recognized the outlines of the crater in which he had a task switching dimensional. Trying to orientate thought of being near the rim of the crater, he decided to try to cross that space to the opposite limit. Move it was like when we dream, the muscles were stiff, did not respond right away ... but with an effort of concentration went into empathy with the new environment and you could move fairly nonchalant.
When he go to the area that could correspond with the center of the crater saw some people sitting on something like a trunk. Stay in a circle around a heat source, whose flames are emanated directly from the soil. Hypnotic… green flames!
Lůmino stopped not far from them and tried to talk to him:
«You are the pilgrims left the hive city?»
One of them turned his eyes toward the boy, and in a voice full of serenity and tranquility replied:
« How did you hear about us?»
« The blog ... any of you have written your adventure on a blog ... that's how I came to know about this place!»
He smiled silently.
Lůmino continued asking: «You explored this place? There are ways of usita to other places? »
Another of pilgrims looked up from the campfire and replied to the questions:
« What you see is only a part of what may appear, we here, for now we have what we were looking for a long time! No more hunger, thirst or pain, just contemplation Immaterium! If you seek a connection proceed toward the rim of the crater and find a door ... and an "inspiration" ...»
« You will always be here? » He even dared to ask.
Another replied: « We have abandoned the material body ... you've bound to a mirror in time ... you can wander in these dimensions but not forever! Or better ... soon you will have to decide whether to "go back" or stay! The constraint in the mirror is not perpetual!»
Got This information had waved away.With pitch stiffened but shipped moved to the edge of the crater directed to a brownish stain pentagonal ...
Near the point toward which had sat, as if waiting, a centaur!
Lůmino surprise turned to him saying: « Hi! I am ... I Lůmino were perhaps waiting ????»
Him nodded « Immaterium is made of pure thought, one of its qualities is to know what to look for and sometimes one creates a help ... I'm Chiryon your mentor had summon me before let you come here inside ...»
Lůmino pursed lips taking a questioning expression
Chiryon talk again: « ok these are the rules:
You have a pinkie ring, the stone that adorns is pink. You have a time within which to move here or in the tunnel over the pentagon door. When the color of the stone is blue you will need to decide: stay where you are or come back, here, and leave crossing the portal that will appear open following the beam produced by the jewel ...»
Lůmino looked at the ring then turning to Chiryon asked: « you're coming with me? »
« I Have Not! My job ends here! » said it disappeared as an evanescent figure ...

Not even turned, did not stay to think, crossed the threshold pentagonal. The feeling was to go through a nylon cloth.
Walked aimlessly, looking around. He was in a tunnel translucent iridescent colors, three meters tall. Sometimes be glimpsed stars and worlds. He walked until he found many deviations: seven!
Closed his eyes stretched out his hand with the ring and chose a path. This starting small became big, huge, gigantic!
He turned to his left and proceeded holding hugging the wall, almost could give safe.
After those moments of uncertainty saw up on himself floating a huge annelid hued white. Unhesitatingly jumped above that being made of pure warp and drifted. The annelid seemed to grasp the desires of Lůmino and proceeded as if to reach a goal set.

Transported by the great-worm through unknown places, never before seen heavens, stars, galaxies, gas clouds, star clusters unknown, unexpected colors ... beautiful to say the least... saw, hidden by his "psychic veil" howling banshees to attack and tear enemies proud but naive ... warp-spiders of defeat enemies caught out.
Crossed yet another tunnel found himself near what is called a craftworld ... gigantic, dim, intricate ... to see it from outside but from within bounded and composed ... there was to get lost in the orientation that the hindsight.

Our minds apply expectation and structure
to something that defies understanding,
let alone description.
No matter how hard we stare,
we are still mortal minds
seeking to bear witness
to something that should not exist.
(The Talon of Horus)

Lůmino was seized with a sense of fullness and emptiness, which followed a strong nausea, similar to the "space sickness": lightheadedness, dizziness… Something painful and annoying at the same time which, however, like a drug, you get abused to it and thus becomes dependent ... a mortal vice!

He felt a vibration in the arm and looking ring saw that the gem had changed color was blue! Pointed the finger forward and appeared the pentagonal portal: his adventure exracorporeal was going to have end. Crossed the threshold and found himself inside the crater ... the Warp’s lake.
Lůmino had traveled, seen but not understood, not enough! Besides, he had achieved what he hoped: strengthen the mind and body ... would have to study, quest again ...
Gave a look to the pilgrims sat at the campfire then concentrated look and saw a white rectangle. He directed his steps toward that polygon that closely sides had very jagged. Not lingered over and was the final step.

Outside the circle of the Warp’s lake not had almost time to look around and figure out where it was to choose the direction of "home". Waiting for him were Luββ, Grymmaldo and a couple of officers of the Imperial Guard.
Was grabbed, and bound with handcuffs stasis. His eyes became vacant. They took him to one of the protected space of the governorate in Verna, away from prying eyes and ears.

Upon awakening he felt dazed, confused, his mouth kneaded and the view it took a few minutes to go clear. Upon awakening he felt dazed, confused, his mouth kneaded and the view it took a few minutes to go clear.
Just recovered the inquisitor Grymmaldo gave him the standard questions for grasp the receptivity, Lůmino replied, albeit initially mumbling, correctly and apt. After these checks, informed him of the situation.
« We have taken steps to recover the entire history of your mind through the use of hypnosis in a drug-induced, we used the least invasive method ... now requires the rebuttal in the waking state ... then young Lumino tell us more ...»
The boy told fairly accurately of his decision to find a method to improve his psychic ability to become a Psyker ... as a result of research and also unexpectedly have found a blog of people, roughly, trying what he wanted and then ... the contact and the encounter with the xenos-female ... He said did not know her name and that had never asked, he called her "ma'am" and seemed sufficient. Not communicated talking but with thought.
Followed the story of the abandonment of the house, the route taken to reach the Warp's lake, the constraint in the "mirror" and entry in the Immaterium by extracorporeal mode.
The meeting with the pilgrims and the journey in the web ... the mink dell'arcamondo and dizzy spells ... the decision to return.
« How have found the warp’s lake?» Lůmino asked at the end of the talk.

Luββ the pursed lips «Your genius is not made you realize that you have around an entire Empire? The warp’s lake emits powerful waves that can be picked up by a psyker ... a bit of logic did the rest! Sure you, alone, without psiker skills had done so much... even if you had some help from that xenos ... »

« What will happen to me?» was the last question of Lůmino.

Grymmaldo spoke:
«Your story coincides with all information collected ... your good faith, however, does not erase the fact that you tried to illegally enhance yourself ... This is a big mistake! The penalty would be your immediate elimination! Even if you have not been polluted so exaggerated by Chaos. We know that your nature "rebellious" you can not eradicate ... if not ruining your powerful IQ.
You were an asset for the Empire ... and although it is better to lose an individual to save all… I and judge Luββ believe it is wrong to kill you, not now!
You have stop yourself and…... we have taken you before any definitive mutation ... »

Afret talk Luββ: «You'll be sent to a mental treatment center and monitoring. We are interested in the female xenos and we are almost certain that it will try to contact you again. Knowledge is power. Whenever you perceive a tingling at the frontal or occipital lobe or at the base of the cerebellum, it will signal that they are probing your mind.
We are certain, although you're not agree and do not understand, this is the way to protect you from an easy way of mutation by a proposal, of a cahotic unknown god of change, where the effect would be devastating and in no bearer of pleasure and quiet but ... rather negatve…»

Lůmino came and did raise two imperial guards came to take him to his new destination
« I suppose it is useless to ask how long will all this?
« the time required ...»

The warp alone allows the remaking of flesh itself.
But you must trust it,
once you breathe it into the bloodstream.
Its mutagenic touch is not always as kind as one hopes.
As I have said before, in the Great Eye
we all wear our sins on our skin.
(The Talon of Horus)

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