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Originally Posted by GuiltySparc View Post
Ah, that would be my apparent misunderstanding of force org.

Helbrute is in there because i already have the model. I hadn't really looked into taking any tanks, do you think the shooty platform is well taken care of by the trio of oblits? If so, then i could probably change the helbrute's role entirely.

Ya, terminators would be a deep striking unit to harass. Basically a similar role as the raptors but less mobile (so DS instead).

Obliterators are good but it's not a lot of fire support at 2000 points. For a shooty helbrute I think I'd take a twin autocannon and missile launcher. Both guns can target infantry and vehicles. Then again, I think vehicles are the bigger problem so you could specialise it and go missile launcher and twin lascannon/multi melta. If I wanted to keep the CC ability I'd stick with power fist/multi melta. Cheap and a MM shot followed by charge will do some damage to a vehicle

How about meltaguns on the raptors? Two meltas and melta bombs on the unit leader makes them dangerous to vehicle.

If the termies are deepstriking then definitely take the heavy flamer! The autocannon isn't worth the points, you can have the heavy flamer and two power fists for one point less
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