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Default 2000pts Melee Flavor

Hi everyone! This is my first go at making a list after many, many years away form the game. I love close combat and am leaning towards an army that is going to fun to play moreso than ultra competitive. Please feel free to rip and tear at my list, i'm open to all suggestions. I have tried to make it battle forged, so if i messed something up with the force org let me know.

Main Detachment

CSM (10)
Plasma Gun (or Flamer?)
Power Weapon (Chp)
Mark of Khorne
CCW no Bolter
Icon of Wrath

Berzerkers (10)
Icon of Wrath

Secondary Detachment
Chaos Lord
Mark of Khorne
Axe of blind fury
Sigil of Corruption

Cultist (10) with Flamer x2

Power Scourge

Terminators (5)
Reaper Cannon
Combi-Flamer/Melta/Plasma (4)
Icon of Vengeance

Fast Attack
Chaos Spawns with Mark of Khorne (5)

Raptors (5)
Plasma Guns

Helldrake w Baleflamer

Heavy Support
Obliterator with Mark of Nurgle x3

This comes in at 2,002pts. My idea is a 3 headed assault force with Kharn + CSM, Berzerkers, and Jugger Spawn Pack as the attacking prongs. The two cultist units would be tasked with objective holding. The Terminators and Raptors are do-it-all units that I can send out tank hunting or to harass the enemy line while my assault groups slog up the field.

The heldrake gives me some solid anti troop air support to cover the advancing assaulters. The Oblits, and to a lesser extent the helbrute, would provide some ranged shooty action.

Some other things I've thought of...i think the cultists squads are probably kind of weak objective holders. I've contemplated making them one big blob of 20 and swapping their job with Kharn's CSMs, but then i would need another troop selection in the second detachment unless i split up the CSMs in to 5 man units. Though after reconfiguring them away from assault (dropping, MoK and the Icon), i'd be able to add another 10 man cultist squad.

Admittedly, the Helbrute doesn't really have a well defined role but i have the model and its such a cool model that i'd like to work it in.

I don't have transport for the two footslogging assault units but my thought is that there are enough dudes on the field to shoot at that enough of the assaulters will make it into combat to gather some skulls for Khorne. With that said, I could strip out the Helbrute upgrades and drop the CSM and Zerker squads down to 9 which would give me enough points to bring two rhinos...but not enough to put dirge casters on them...
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