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Ouch. I got stomped by Chaos Marines with twin land raider and khorne marines + lords, with some sparkled long range support. I just couldn't take the beating and rolled Kill point mission (sigh), also the game ended turn 5 when i was loosing, in turn 6 i would have tied or won...wathever...what i learned:
-lascannons are not a good way to deal with armour,
-heavy weapon squads are too squishy,
-vetran scouts are awesome
-baneblades are good only if: enemy is far away, you don't scatter wildly (12" a gogo), enemy gets to hide behind LoS blocking terrain
-plague zombies are slow as hell

This said, i played as a noob and in avery "easy" mood, but i feel this list should need some more tweaks... i'll try it a couple of time more, then refurbish it a little

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