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Azrael: As you charge forward to side with Xandrek, the Captain of Fourth goes flying passed you after your helmet auto-senses reduce a loud metallic 'clang' to bare-able levels and you see that where Xandrek once was is now the iron clad form of a Raven Guard Contemptor Dreadnought bearing two monstrous power fists. Playing back the moment in your mind you remember Xandrek looking to the west at the Urizen and the Word Bearer attack before Veptus shouts a warning to him. The captain had then brought up his stormshield just in time to intercept the Dreadnought's mighty fist which was the source of the resounding gong ling clang. However as you back up out of the way of a swing of the Dreadnoughts fist you notice that the link to Xandrek has gone completely dead without even the sound of his armour flat-lining, which means he is either dead and his armour heavily damaged aswell or his power generator has been destroyed and his armour has completely shut down making him even more of a target as you then see the Dreadnought unleash a hailstorm of shots down at the prone body of Xandrek, luckily though Veptus is there with that fortress of a shield that Xandrek wields.

You notice that you have been joined by Pelegon who seems to of been fighting with Second Claw if you pay attention to the Tank-and-Dreadnought hunting terminators vox channel which you have of tuned into to request their aid, and Tyberus who seems to of come out of no-where. Though it appears that Serhiy is still fighting with his brothers of Fourth Claw. You will need to come up with a plan while the Captain is down to deal with the Dreadnought along with the Servitors and Raven Guard Forge-Lord that have now appeared behind it.

Veptus: You watched Xandrek as he continues to look at the Primarch of the Word Bearers and you notice something large rear up infront of him over the ridge and just have time to shout a warning as you see the silhouette of a Contemptor Dreadnought with two monstrous power fists bearing the heraldry of the Raven Guard. Xandrek is able to turn in time to bring his shield up to intercept a power fist which still sends him flying from his position and crash into the ground behind him and you hear him swearing as he flies through the air and then the vox goes quiet as his head smashed into a rock and he lies still but from your position you can see its just that his power back has been heavily damaged and his power armour has lost all power.

Turning from Xandrek you see the raptors scatter away from the Dreadnought as it stomps down towards you and the other Night Lords including Azrael who has joined you and you now can see he is missing his left arm from what looks like plasma weapon scorch marks. At the moment none of you have the weapons to deal with a Dreadnought though if you can contact Second Claw (Nyx) or Pelegon then you may be able to stand a chance against the Dreadnought as he raises both of his power fists and you can see the build in stormbolters aiming at the Night Lords gathered and especially Xandrek. If you dive now you would be able to grab the stormshield that Xandrek uses and protect your Captain though you might end up taking a couple of bolter shells into the back.

Var: NPCED until you contact me.

Tyberus: You see Xandrek turn to look at you as something large rears up behind him on the ridge over the bodies of the Raven Guard and hear Veptus shout a warning to him, you then watch your captain get smashed from his feet to slam into the ground behind Veptus by the power-fist of a Raven Guard Dreadnought who stomps his way down towards Veptus and Xandrek firing at the two of them as Veptus manages to get Xandrek's stormshield up. You see that Pelegon has now arrived aswell however Sergeant Xheng and his Raptors appear to be backing off as none of them have any weapons capable of harming the dreadnought although their Chain-Glaives could probably harm it they all appear to be unwilling to get within range of its two power fists.

Ducking behind an out crop of rock as the Dreadnought fires in your direction you are able to see what standing behind and to its right appears to be a Raven Guard Tech-Marine wielding a Thunderhammer and directing Servitors bearing heavy bolters up the shallow hill and points down towards you and the others as the Raptors of Fourth Claw scatter as the servitors open up with their high caliber weapons, it seems that today is just getting better and better. From your position you can see Pelegon eying up the Tech-Marine though he wouldn't be able to get close with those servitors and Dreadnought keeping all of you pinned down, if you were able to dispatch them someway then you might be able to allow Pelegon to deal with the Tech-Marine as Veptus and Azrael deal with the Dreadnought.

Pelegon: Sergeant Nyx and the first of Second Claw watch the Dreadnoughts get smashed apart by precision Iron Warrior ordinance and chuckle to themselves over the vox which you are able to hear and simply continue smashing and tearing apart Raven Guard who get too close as they stomp forward. "You may return to First Claw if you wish Brother-Pelegon, though when you do see if you can convince the Captain to allow some more of you Iron-Wearers aboard to over see the use of our war machines. You seem far more competent than our own Tech-Marines." says Sergeant Nyx. How do you take this request from the Second Claw Sergeant?

You are able to go and find First Claw now if you wish, and when you do get there you see that Azrael is missing his left arm from what looks like Plasma weapon scorches, and Veptus is running towards the downed form of Xandrek who appears to not be moving though he doesn't have any visible wounds. With a crunch and the sound of swearing you see that the reason why Xandrek is down is because of a Raven Guard Dreadnought stepping towards you with two large power fists and under-slung stormbolters aimed forwards Xandrek as it begins to fire down at the Captain though Veptus manages to bring up Xandrek's shield to protect the Captain, with Veptus, Tyberus and Azrael you might be able to deal with this Dreadnought as it seems Xheng and his Raptors are backing off and you are able to see that next to the Contemptor stands what appears to be a tech-marine with a four armed servo-harness wielding a thunderhammer and bolter directing some servitors up the hill to engage First and Fourth Claw.

Serhiy: You are once again joined by Tenth Claw and crash in admits the Imperial Army loyal to Terra with a grin on your face and you can hear the chuckles of the other members of Tenth Claw over the fox as they unhook grenades and chemical canisters from their armour and send them hurling into the human forces. You do the same and enjoy the results of weaponry designed to kill in the most gruesome ways especially against unprotected humans as you watch some of the grenades explode and cover guardsmen in chemical fire that burns through clothing and skin, liquefying muscle and turning bones black. Others you see falling to their knee's retching as blood spews from their mouths as their lungs and internal organs are turned into bloody mush as the virus and chemicals eat their insides.

You then also see the affects of the chemicals that Veptus had created begin to take affect as humans stand there looking terrified as their blood simply seeps through all of their pours plastering them a deep rust red before they collapse from exsanguination, and it is in this moment that you realize how much you miss being apart of Tenth Claw after being promoted to First Claw, as it is Tenth Claw who are able to kill and maim in the most gruesome fashion of all of Fourth Company though at the cost of pain and sickness throughout all of their service in the Destroyers.

Kesh: You easily dispatch the scout who had come to investigate and upon scrolling through the names you settle upon the Captain of Fourth Company: Xandrek Kealisar, The Lord of Lies and your HUD indicates he is not too far from you. The only problem is that between you and your new captain is a battlezone filled with enemies legionaries of the Raven Guard who while they are retreating, in some positions they are making last stands or daring counter attacks. Moving off towards your destination you dispatch another three Raven Guard scouts who were apart of the squad whose other member you just killed and you rest a ridge to look out across the battle field and see a sea of midnight blue and shadow black bodies hurling themselves at each other to tear each other to pieces but behind the Night Lords front wave you see that further back those wounded or dying and being preyed upon by the Eighth Legion and turned into grisly trophies.

Sliding down the ridge with you spy what appears to be the Fourth Company command squad as you see their banner being held high by Raskreia as he fires into the Raven Guard putting bolter rounds through eye lens and throats but you see the Captain of Fourth, or who you assume to be, get send flying as he raises his stormshield to fend off an attack by a Contemptor pattern dreadnought as then an apocathery rushes to his aid and oddly an Iron Warrior steps in to help depend the fallen captain. You also see that a group of servitors bearing heavy weaponry are being directed by a Tech-Marine just behind the dreadnought.

Already, you exalt me for my triumphs, When I ask only that you remember me for my treacheries

Victory is nothing more than survival.
It carries no weight of honour or worth beyond what we ascribe to it.
If you wish to grow wise, learn why brothers betray brothers. - Khyron, First Grand Master of the Eighth Brotherhood.
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