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Default newbie 1st list help

Hello all.

Ive been painting for roughly 3 or 4 months now and need to start putting a list together to play.
like the title says im very green. Hoping for lots of input. I will list what I currently have to work with.
Please lmk if I need to make additions as I want my purchases to count.

I have a good mix of daemons and cms. Planned on going with the iron warriors theam cms but after picking up IA 13
looks like going renegade will open up quite a bit of air support and heavy artillery. Lmk your thoughts.

Probably the best question I could ask is if this was what you had to work with how would you run them and what would you add? I know im light on the air support.

Btw looking for 1250 pt list.

Hq- Typhus
Hq- Daemon prince
Hq- Herald of nurgle
Hq- Great unclean one

Elite- Blood crushers

Fast- Plague drones

Troops- Plague bearers
Troops- Blood letters


Hq- Lord
Hq- Sorcerer
Hq- Warpsmith
Hq- Dark apostle

Elite- Chosen
Elite- Possessed
Elite- Hellbrute

Troop- CMS
Troop- Khorne berserkers
Troop- Plague marines

Fast- Raptors/Talons

1- Rhino
1- Predator
2- Land raider
2- Dreadnought
1- Bane blade
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