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Originally Posted by chaos vince View Post
melta's from all sides. old school termicide squads?
I will expect some more of the 'Pros' will speak up.. but Termicide could work. The fact is that a single Kinght can only use his ion shild on one side, so the art will be threaten him with enoth firepower from a number of directions that no matter how he places the shild you can hit it on an unprotected side.

Now personally I have always brought the firepower on Helbrutes, Preds and Meltas from Rhinos... which is a very movable force.. overwhelm and envelop have always been my mantra with 40K, and its something I have found Chaos does very well, and it works on kinghts just like 90% of the Armour on the table.

EDIT: OH and using Crimson Slaughter to get divination is also a great help! Missfortune is very fun to use on AV12 as you can glance it to death with cultists!

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