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Default Renegades and heretics 1500

Don't lose the Baneblade, it's the most essential part of the list! The biggest problem the renegades codex has is leadership, a flaw it shares with the CSM codex. That giant, indestructible zealot bubble is the best thing chaos could ask for.

Renegades does gives you a lot more ways to fix you leadership than CSM does. I've come to love a command vox on command squad. As the unit has fanatic it rolls 2d6 on its leadership with a re-roll. In a chimera it gives a mobile, hardy >12" radius of ld9-10. Couple that with a sigil and you're back to 3rd edition CSM and LatD. Ignoring one failed ld isn't quite the same as a re-roll but it's better in combat!

Even CSM and daemon units can benefit from the ld bubble! If I remember correctly the wording is, "all friendly units may use..."

That being said, it's suicide to run a shitty horde assault unit without stubborn or fearless. The unit will do a ton of damage on the charge, and its characters will grind down even the toughest of opponents. But you'll lose almost every round of combat. Often by a ton. The purpose of a 3pt model is to act as ablative wounds for something. You know... Blood for the blood god. More sacrifices, etc.

It does like like you're using the unit more as a bubble wrap. I like the use of khorne because it will let you re-roll your melta bomb wounds vs monstrous creatures, a likely predator of your baneblade.

However I think plague zombies might make a better bubble wrap for you. Switching the demagogue to nurgle will give you a more hardy unit. More importantly though, it allows for a larger unit size. 20 sub-guardsmen are going to evaporate before they are able to perform their job of protecting the baneblade. In case you didn't know, the platoon command squad counts towards your 3 minimum units per platoon. So there would be no issue dropping it.

All of your infantry are just begging for chimeras. The plasma guns can both shoot out the top hatch while on the move.

Same goes for the veterans. Infiltrate 18" away, scout 6", move 6", disembark 6" and you're right on top of whatever you want to melta. Maybe even in side arc. Or just extend your reach further into the backfield. Having 2 heavy flamers on the chimera would make hilariously good use out of the extra movement.

To fit in the chimeras, I'd drop the quadlaunchers and an infantry unit. The 4 extra chimeras with heavy flamer + something else will roast some infantry.

The infantry could get by without chimeras if they switched to heavy weapons and cowered in cover. But that's not in the style of this list. Which really seems like an escort to a baneblade.

Overall it look really fun. I'm very interested to hear how it performs.

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