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Default Renegades and heretics 1500

I'm going to field this list vs space marines (ultramarines TAC list), Chaos marines (unbound obliterator spam and another TAC melee-ish fast list) and Orks (probably twin battlewagon with meganobz + bikers & koptas+ 40-60 boyz )
Need some suggestions. Main problems to me are:
-Will Anti tank be enough?
-Will anti infantry be enough?
-Aircraft are going to hurt me much? (no flyier spam expected)
-Will I have enough board control / will i be reactive enough against fast threats?

Here's the list: Using IA13 - 1500 pts

Renegade command squad
Meltabombs on Heretic
Khorne covenant on Heretic

Platoon "Soilent Green"

Command squad
20 Renegades, ccw+ pistol
3 flamers, chaos sigil
Demagogue w/ meltabombs

Squad I
10 Renegades
Militia training
2 plasmaguns

Squad II
10 Renegades
Militia training
2 plasmaguns

Squad III
10 Renegades
Militia training
2 plasmaguns

Veteran Squad "Cannibal Corpses"
5 Veterans

Veteran Squad "Nuclear Deaths"
5 Veterans

2 Medusa Artillery Tank
Breacher shells

6 Heavy Weapon Squads
all Lascannons
Militia Training

4 Quadlaunchers Artillery batteries
2 extra crewman

Militia Training

---Plan is to join the Arch-Heretic to the Platoon Command Squad and march around the Baneblade up to midfield, supported by the rest of the platoon, to engage in melee those who arrive too near, after a good plasma peppering. Baneblade is so big that with just 6- 8" of movement it should confer Zealot to my midfield units AND the Lascannon squads left behind.
Lascannons and Medusa tanks should handle any armour at 1500, even another superheavy or a Knight or 2, i think.
Quadlaunchers are there for anti infantry duties and to force pinning tests on lousy melee units.
Veteran squads infiltrate and scout move to melt something in turn one or otherwise gives my static list some ability to outflank, be a nuisance and take objectives otherwise out of my reach.
The baneblade...is scary, gives Zealot and shoot some shots, but i feel i coud spend 500 pts in another, more productive way. Still, i owe the model, so fuck the emperor and bring it on!

Any suggestions & answers to my worries above?


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