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Originally Posted by The Sturk View Post
What kind of Riptides was he running? Because Riptides from the standard Tau codex do not have any haywire weaponry at all. I don't know if he was running a Forgeworld variant or from the Farsight Supplement, as I have none of those, perhaps someone who plays Tau more can inform me on this...

As for the Multi-melta, yes you would only be able to snap-fire it as Deepstriking counts as moving at-least combat speed for it's occupants, and since a Multi-Melta is a Heavy weapon, you'd have to not move to fire it normally.

@Vaz : 5 Storm-teks is 125 points. The only thing they lack is a reliable delivery service. So one could be replaced with a Harbinger of Despair with the Veil of Darkness for Deepstriking, or attach Obyron to the unit.
It's a Y'vahra Pattern, from Forge World. Dedicated anti-tank version, which had insane experimental rules but was nerfed to hell in the actual release. It loses a lot of mobility in gaining the heavier guns though so I'm surprised to see one jumping around, I didn't think they could do that but I don't have the rules on hand.

Reliable delivery for Stormteks is a 100pt Night Scythe, I'm pretty sure the Court can bring one and it's probably the most reliable deep-field deployment you can find, especially as you get a 6" move to spread the Stormteks over two facings to avoid the Ion Shield for a couple of them.

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