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Originally Posted by ntaw View Post

If we get a new character and he as a power sword and plasma pistol I might be a bit let down, but I'm curious to read of this totally new successor chapter.
I wouldn't, worry about the captain, I'm willing to bet he's only going to be a kit bashed model in the painting guide with a bit of fluff and a guide on how to paint him. The reason being that I have the Companies of Fenris painting guide and there are kitbashed models for wolf lords, Evil Ironwlf and Sven Bloodhowl, kinda cool as they give you an idea as to how to include these named characterin your army. Really looking forward to getting my hands on Sons of Sanguinius, as Companies of Fenris is really good and I think this will be too. I'm also curious about this new successor chapter too.

Originally Posted by Varakir View Post
We don't need to use any military force to defeat the imperium, we'll just send GW legal at them. As soon as they see the first sign of a thunderhawk gunship, their IP infringement addled brains will go into meltdown - they'll smash everything out of the sky with cease and desist letters.

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