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Omeagon read the names of the short list for the Caliban mission. They were still several days away from the home of the Dark Angels but this was to be handled with care and caution. He would not be able to bring the Beta into the Caliban System, it would be tagged the moment he entered it, and as it was as far as he was aware, all the Dark Angels were loyal to the Emperor.

This was to be a search and recon mission. Something he could get his teeth into and learn more than any other Primarch about the weaknesses and strengths of their enemies. He picked his tea up and sipped it.

The Alpha Legion, and by that extension the Sons of the Hydra were never meant to be a big Legion, there were many that called them The Ghost Legion. There was nothing simple about what the twin Primarch's and their sons did, much like the Hydra of myth from whom they took their Legion symbol, there were secrets and machinations within secrets and machinations. One head did one thing whilst several others did other things, cut the head from one and a new one took its place to continue where the old one left off.

His sons, those of the Effrit Stealth squad which he had commanded, and the others that had come with him had always called him the Ghost Father. Alpharius was the Specialist, and Omeagon was the Ghost, always there yet unseen, until his duties called him to become that which he was born to be. The shadows was where he and his sons operated best, open warfare was not really their first line of attack, but a last line. However, that being said, they could and would fight as hard as any other Legion if threatened enough. The Ghost Legion became as deadly and twisted as the ancient myth it embodied, and they were something that neither the Emperor nor Horus could control, unless the Primarch willed it.

Whilst everyone knew everything about the creation of their legions and their brothers legions, the Salamander, Space Wolves and Alpha Legions were created towards the end of the Primarch Project and away from the others, for what those who deigned to look into such things, believed were specific goals and aims that the Emperor wanted fulfilled at some point. Not even Malcador knew the reasons why these three Primarchs were created in this way. The Emperor certainly was not sharing his knowledge.

Something that his sons Alpharius and Omeagon had in common with their father, if little else. Omeagon had often wondered what part of his father he had inherited. Once he had discovered what he was and who he was, then it was obvious. The Emperor had his secrets and his shadows, the twins were the living embodiment of secrets and lies.

It hadn't helped matters when the Emperor kept the Salamanders, Wolves and Alpha Legion at arms length from any discussions, that, amongst the Emperor military and high court officials at the time bred mistrust. Something that only got worse over time with the Alpha Legion. Over the years the Wolves were generally acknowledged to have been the Emperors own Executioners. Russ was the Primarch, who if ordered, would kill another Primarch if it was necessary, of course that was the case and it cemented the Wolf King a the Emperors attack dog.

Not a great description, but if the suit fit the name then it was the only word that could be used. Omeagon was not entirely sure what the Salamanders specific creation details were, seeing as Nocturne had always been the focus of attacks by the foul dark kin of the Eldar, for slaves and just the joy of the hunt, then he could only surmise that the Emperor had a plan for the Dark Eldar and indeed the Eldar as a whole and it had invoked the onyx skinned Vulkan. Even in light of what had happened, and Vulkan slaying his brother Jugathi, there was still a unknown mission behind the Great Drake.

Vulkan had, as far as Omeagon knew, fully recovered from his battering at the hands of Jugathi, but his mind was no longer what it once was and once or twice he had heard snippets of information that had said the Great Drake was a guardian, but a guardian of what was anyone’s guess.

Still as with any mystery, questions led to more mysteries and when it came to that, then there were none more cloak and dagger than the Twins. That was how he liked it, and despite it all, that was how he would still operate.

He looked up from his musings as Hurt, Peto and Rukshana entered his chambers, all three moved to one knee, despite being in the presence of a Primarch, these three mortals enjoyed close bond with Omeagon, even though they were still in awe of him, they spoke to him on a level that few mortals would ever get to enjoy.

“Stand my friends” he motioned to a seating area and getting up handed them all tea and stood across from them “I can't send you down there, I have a need for you three elsewhere, but I want to know who you have recommended.”

Peto was the first to speak. “Hydra team 5 my lord” he told him “There is a young uxor within that team whose powers are fully developed and trained by Uxor Inseria for such missions.”

“Inseria? Wasn't she injured some time back, quite severely as I recall”

“Yes my lord” Rukshana spoke up “Her sept, like mine is on the wane, but she wanted to ensure that you received the best for this mission of the Warmaster and Angels bidding, she trained Inseria herself so she has high credentials”

“I'll take your recommendation on that Rukshana, please convey my thanks to Inseria” Rukshana bowed her head “You know that the Dark Angels have a feudal society, even since the Emperors arrival on Caliban, they still stick to their knightly origins and all that, so the fortress of Caliban is pretty much the same. How are your team going to pass for Calibanites the Dark Angels are more paranoid then us, but they are no fools”

Hurt cleared his throat, suppressing a snort of laughter “We have studied the physiology of Calibanites, the tech priests have already done the facial operations on all of our operatives and they have had hypnotic lessons to enable them to understand and speak the language in the native tongue with no accent.”

“Very good” Omeagon was pleased, he had merely stated what he required, these three had just acted on what they knew, and without any wet nursing from him. This was why he was proud they had come with him, this was why they were best of all his human operatives.

This was why he trusted them above all over mortals. They were honest and they never lied to him, the course of their new work would mean lies and half truths, but back on the Beta and before their Lord, there was never deception.

Omeagon called up a holomap of Caliban “and the Insertion point?”

Peto got up and walked over. “We inserted them here my lord, at the township of Avenlara, its a small town and the facial reconstructions we got were from five Imperial Army members who died, they had no family and therefore no one to report back should there be any problems. They had been given a job at the Rock, during the day and the nights are theirs to do as they please. The last report was that insertion was successful.”

“When was this achieved?” Omeagon asked.

“Exactly eight weeks ago my lord, whilst we were tutoring some of the Iron Warriors.” Hurt replied “We managed to slip our agents onto a passenger transit bound for the Segmentum Obscurus, and bound for Fenris and Caliban.

Agents Jesria, Calisera, Ibrahim, Marasa and Gregori have been on Caliban for four weeks and have implanted themselves into the populace, all other communications will be made in the usual secure way. Calisera was given a broach by Librarian Zelander to protect her from any first legion Librarians probing”

“And their handler?”

“That would be Hydra Commander 3, he will deal with them after his own observations lord.”

Omeagon smiled a little. Again they had acted within their remit as Hydra mortal commanders. They had absolute authority over their brothers and sisters from the Geno ranks. Not all of them could be saved that day but Omeagon had saved 150 with 100 Uxors, the Black Box incident had much to answer for.

There were others but the Geno were Hurtendo, Peto and Rukshana's authority, still they were the only ones that enjoyed a close relationship with their Primarch, no one else could remain in a room with him and conduct a meeting, whilst looking up at him without crapping themselves, or loosing the ability of speech.

He had a gift for them and motioned to the seats once more. “Now, as you know, you three mean a great deal to me, so I am going to allow you three and you three alone to have enhancements that Luther had done. It won't make you like an Astartes, but you will be faster, stronger and live longer then the average human. Yes Uxor even you, which brings me to you. I have noticed that many couples in the civilian areas of the Beta are having children”

Rukshana nodded a little, a tight smile tugging at the corner of her mouth “Did you not have that someone special Lord, before you realised what and who you were?”

“No, there was this one woman, but I never went beyond the kissing stage, human women are too delicate for one like me.”

That was no idle boast. Primarchs could easily break the body and the insides of a human female should they mate. Mind you he didn't doubt that some of his other brothers might have had carnal relations...and the jokes about Russ and wolves really were too explicit to repeat and never in the company of the Wolf Lord.

Still with the smile on her face and reflected in her eyes the Uxor inclined her head a little “Yes, Lord, there have been children born, they are schooled and taught the ways of the Hydra when they are able, and Lord Captain Traventes has already held trials for this generation. He has said that there were twelve successful candidates, the twelve that did not make the grade have been graded as to whether they join the legion serfs or become intelligence operatives.”

“He always did know what to look for. Now Lorgar curse that bastard to hell and back, has started a cadre calling itself daughters of the Emperor, I want that for us, but they will be the daughters of the Hydra and you my dear will be the first mother superior, your service warrants it, above and beyond the call of duty.”

“You honour me lord.”

“No Rukshana, you honour me” he returned his attention to the door and spoke into his vox. Two members of the Effrit Stealth Squad appeared and bowed low “Take our brothers and sister to Apothecary Garno, he knows what to do, and welcome them as kin my sons.”

“With all due respect Lord” Sergeant Tannara replied “They were that when they first joined us”

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