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Originally Posted by Words_of_Truth View Post
What Gilles is dead to and Huss?
Gilles died/faked his death and was resurrected/became the Green Knight - but Louen is dead after trying to take on Ku'gath and a supercharged Festus during the Siege of Altdorf, while Huss/Valten were scattered to the east following the Emperor's presumed death at the hands of Walach Harkon in the opening of the Glottkin novel. What I meant about Gilles was his original "death" following his 12 great battles and being hailed as the uniter. Although that wasn't really fair - he was still a lord of Bretonnia before and was King for the years in between.

Following the presumed death of Countess von Leibwitz during the 2525 Invasion of Altdorf, that leaves a shattered empire heartland and north coast, the merchant/city of learning (Nuln) without a leader and the only remaining powerful city state being Middenheim, and that is not only cut off at the top of a mountain, but at risk of Skaven attacks from the sewers and catacombs, and Graf Todbringer is a fairly pious follower of Ulric and unlikely to welcome Super Saiyan Sigmar.

In regards to the souls, there is enough individuality there. The Ghoul Knight in the Nagash novel said as much - wanting just the end of everything. Not the end of everything and an eternity of existence under Nagash, but an ACTUAL end to all existence, to see the world barren and lifeless. Meanwhile Settra is reborn, IIRC, and Prince Apophas is scattered into his swarm of constituent bugs. I cannot remember what happened to the Liche character or the Necrotect character, but they were never fun.

Khalida actively gave herself to Nagash.

However, soul-wise, it's kind of cool that this is happening, and seeing it happen and evolve personally - not only being an old throwback to the Undead army, but to have its own character behind it. In regards to the army, the Tomb Kings themselves I found were utter gash, and stuck in the rut of being the grumpy old guy at the end of the lane who shouted "get off my lawn" every once in a while someone tried to rob his strawberries. Now they've got a reason to actually exist, rather than being morbid emo little bitches sat there lamenting what Nagash did nearly 7000 years before.

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