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Eh, Empire players are the most hard done to. They've lost I think it's 7 provinces, and most of their best generals and spiritual figureheads and best mages - Thyrus and Gelt are dead/missing/done their nut, while some of the greatest fortresses like Bogenhafen, Carroburg, Brass Keep etc are shattered, Nordland is wiped off the map, they've lost their Grand Theogonist and the most well known Warrior Priest, plus the Herald of Sigmar has gone missing along with the Ghal Maraz. Its alliance in the west is completely shattered - the Bretons a shell of themselves thanks to losing half of their duchys to the civil war, as well as the greatest king they've ever had (Gilles "died" before he could actually run the country), while the land is covered in the shattered remnants of the Greenskins, Undead Ghoulpacks and the Beastherds breaking free of Malagor completely rendering them to nothingness.

The Dark Elves - unless it's a Khainite/Pleasure cult army, then they've simply moved home. The Khainites and pleasure cults would be accepted into Tyrion's army.

In regards to the High versus Dark Elf rivalry, well, there are very few who still remember the time before the Sundering - Malekith and Morathi, plus a few out of the way Elves - most grew up hating one another.

Not sure what you're saying, honestly. The soul is still there.

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