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Doesn't really fall into play for me - I play avoidance style WE - and the only thing I really miss is a heavy cavalry unit to really dish the pain when i charge - but Dragon Knights and Cold One Knights aren't that much more powerful compared to Wild Riders - 130pts for 15 WS5 s5 ap attacks versus 150pts for 5 WS5 S6 reroll 1's to wound attacks or 145pts for 10 WS5 S5 attacks? No competition.

Dark Riders being core are the only alternative option vs Glade Riders - Ellyrian Reavers are weaker glade riders (free armour piercing, but aren't forced to ambush), and cost the same with equal upgrades so irrelevant. Dark Riders 4+ save is okayish, but the shorter range isn't as good for avoidance lists. They can massively increase damage against a slower opponent, but they cost the same, so it's an easy swap if I need to test.

Waywatchers - up against Shades or Shadow Warriors. Shadow Warriors do nothing that neither Waywatchers or Shades don't do, while Shades have access to Great Weapons which gives them a decent armour hunting unit - but that's what the Waywatchers and the Wild Riders are for (who have the -3 to saves on the charge, rather than the -2 and losing ASF for the Shades. Shades can also take Khainite Assassin

Sisters of Averlorn with a Handmaiden for Move and Fire S4 shooting, but at the same time, they're only 24" range, so it's actually a net loss over the longbows of Glade Guard (Sisters aren't actually skirmishers), and a lot more expensive as a result of requring the Handmaiden.

Warlocks are just no comparison to Sisters of the Thorn IMHO - especially as I'm using the Sisters as an anvil for a Caster.

Harpies however are yet another avoidance unit, and a classic unit drop. Scourgerunner Chariots might be capable of helping with Ogres or Monsters which are due to being taken much more often as a result of the expected combined profiles in 9th. But yes, my army doesn't really change much at all. Maybe the addition of a couple of flying units of Harpies to replace a some Glade Riders.

If I was playing another kind of wood elf list, it may be useful - say Glade Guard replaced by Black Guard or Swordmasters, or White Lions or Phoenix Guard for big blockers. If I was to create a big heavy combat block army, one of Black Guard with Kouran, a DElf BSB with Banner of Nagarythe and Alith Anar attached to another unit (High Elf or Wood Elf if desired - although an Unbreakable unit of White Lions with Banner of the World Dragon could be ace) would give you 3 Unbreakable units. Moranions Wayshard on High Elf Spears is okay to give a powerful ambushing anchor unit - but they're not exactly anything capable.

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