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Originally Posted by Words_of_Truth View Post
Dwarves would be most likely to have metal, Lizards could have beasts. If they are only "good" manifestations then Ogres maybe dubious but they do have Firebellies.
Ogres are considered neutral, as are the Undead Legion, and Nagash is Death Incarnate.

Infor the dwarves, if Old Thorek had still been around then maybe I'd have said him definately. Although they don't have mages, that is more of a choice. I don't WANT it to be gelt. It is nice to see the continual fall and dall again. It otherwise becomes too twee imho.

As for the dorfs getting magic, written from a gameplay perspective it gives them something new. Either the high king becoming magic (and maybe an even more massive split between the race as traditionalists, engineers or the supporters of their magic high king argue) or the ultimate irony of the ultratraditionalist alrik becoming the embodiment of magic.

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