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Default 2500pt Competitive Orc Army...with questions

Hello. Ok, so here i am primarily building this list to be competitive (for what orcs can be) and a smidge of fun to play. As i am fairly new to orcs I have some options questions along the way. Ideally I want them all in combat as soon as possible to minimize animosity rolls, so they will steam forward as quickly as possible. Also any other suggestions you have would be great. Thanks!!

Edit: I should also add i will be playing a lot of wood elves, high elves and skaven

Lvl 4 Great shaman w/ shrunken head - 255pts (attached to big'uns)
Black Orc Warboss w/ sword of might, enchanted shield, tali of endurance - 250pts (attached to black orcs)
Savage Orc Warboss w/ add' HW, Armour of Destiny, Tali of Preservation - 248pts (attached to big'uns)
Black Orc Big Boss w/ razor BSB, shield - 162pts (attached to black orcs)
*Here mainly i want to know if they are kitted ok. shaman is kitted to survive while launching spells, black orc and savage warbosses are balanced to survive and hurt things. Should i be more focused on one role more than balanced? any help would be great.

33 Savage Big'uns w/ FC, big stabba, add' HWs - 418pts
30 Savage Orcs w/ FC, big stabba, add' HWs - 325pts
*Thoughts on spears? if so, which unit? both? ive gotten mixed reviews on them, id like to hear what you have to say.

28 Black Orcs w/ FC, Shield, Razor Standard - 399pts
*Are the shields worth it? And with the warboss making them stubborn plus the BSB, are they better placed on my flank for defense? or in the middle to maximize the BSB effectiveness?

Doom Diver
Doom Diver
6 Stone Trolls
*Stone trolls or marsh trolls? I dont see much need for the marsh trolls as the terrain is pretty basic.

2487pts total

People take time to comment. So reply in kind

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