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Default Renegades 12: Heresy and Lies



The dream of the Imperium is gone, the Emperor, once such a stalwart crusader against all things godlike has returned from his isolation a changed man.
This immortal being has allowed his apotheosis to godhood, and the people of the Imperium now suffer for it. He has his disciples, seven sons, who united at first, are starting to feel a pull towards their own dreams of godhood.
The Emperor does not care if the people love him, he does not care if they adore him, all he asks is that they kneel before their new god. Seven Primarchs stand with the Emperors dream, but not all are united.

Only Horus and his remaining brothers. Sanguineous, Russ, Gulliman, Corax; Perturabo, Mortarion, Magnus and now Omeagon, seek to hold the dream together, to over throw a mad Emperor and his equally mad sons.

And all the while the darkness encroaches.

The dream is dead, there is no light, just eternal Darkness



A world hardly noticed by the Imperiums astral-cartographers but known to the renegade Primarchs as the new home of the Thousand Sons, and as Perturabo gazed from his Stormbirds window, it was nothing like Prospero.

The deserts of Kegara were vast, covering the majority of the planet, and far more deadlier then any Desert Terra had in her day. Sandmaws, beasts that traversed the deserts with far more ease then the dark skinned nomadic populace,were a source of danger to them. Whilst they were a delicacy to the local cuisine, they were also the apex predators on the planet.

Perturabo, had never seen one up close and personal but he had read enough from Magnus's reports to consider them worthy of respect. The Stormbird banked over a nomadic settlement, and saw the structures.

Now he knew why Magnus wanted to come here.

They were ancient, pyramid shaped, like the old Aegypt culture of ancient Terra just so much older. Statues of mighty rulers dwarfed many of the simple settlements he saw and as they headed towards the City of Sorcerers, even the dour Primarch father of the Iron Warriors drew in a breath of wonder.

The only oasis in a sea of sand, standing out for the populace to see and it was as if Prospero never truly died.

Only Forrix was with him and as the pilot waited for a berthing vector the Primarch turned to his favoured son.

“How did the training go with the Sons of the Hydra?”

Forrix rubbed the back of his neck, a sure sign that he was not entirely sure any of it would work. “I can see why the Alpha Legion were the experts at what they did, the mortals took to it quicker than we did to be fair about things. I don't know how many times I failed simple infiltration tasks. Why did you choose me?”

“Because of all my sons, you have a knack of adapting quicker then any other of your brothers” Perturabo smiled a little and it was good to see it. “You remind me of Raldoron in that regard”

Forrix watched as the Stormbird entered its hanger bay “It is good to see you smile Lord, the last few weeks with Lord Omeagon have been...restful for you”

“He is lost, as was I once. He aided us by marking out those who we suspected as being his twins spies.”

“Are there any within our Legion?”

“No, no there are not, but there were several within the Sons of Horus, Blood Angels and Death Guard. They have been taken care off in the ways only my brothers know how”

“And now we are here. Is this a social visit father?”

Perturabo shook his head “Whilst I wish to see how Magnus is progressing Horus wishes to know how it goes with Amon”

The First Captain and leader of the Triach nodded. It had been many months since he last saw the former Custode. He too wondered if whatever was in his head had come out.

Once the Stormbird had docked, Perturabo and Forrix came down the gangway to be met by Captain Aephos. Perturabo acknowledged the Honour Guard and the kneeling Astartes and humans then walked with the Captain.

“Is Ahriman not here?” Forrix asked.

“Lord Ahriman is not here at the moment Forrix” Aephos inclined his head “We are in respect for the lost Chapter Master of the Ultramarines”

“Something happened to Marius?” Perturabo asked.

“He died my Lord along with many Ultramarines defending Calth from the Emperors Children.”

Forrix shook his head in dismay. Another brave and vaunted warrior gone. Perturabo said nothing and followed his escort through to the Primarchs Chambers. Aephos announced Perturabo and offered Forrix a tour of the City.

Perturabo waited until he was alone with his brother and moved to the throne that Magnus now sat in. The Crimson King sat an an angle, no longer tall and straight. His back forever misshapen by Angron, but his single eye looked genuinely pleased to see his Siege master brother.

“You will forgive me if I do not stand to welcome you to my home my brother.”

“No need Magnus” Perturabo perched himself on the steps beside his brothers throne “Its comfortable here, it is good to see you out of that bed.”

“Yes but it takes me a while to get anywhere, I think I know how Malgohurst feels now” Magnus dryly said. “You have been told about Gage and his brothers?”

“Yes. Aephos informed me just now. Marius Gage...his loss will be keenly felt”

“Yes. Fulgrim is making his own power play now,”

“Well Julius Kaesoron is now leading his own Chapter, away from Fulgrim and thrown in with us. As has Omeagon....our brother”

“Ahhhh so that little secret has come out has it” Magnus chuckled a little as he read Perturabos facial expression.

“I never get to surprise you with anything” The Iron Lord rolled his eyes.

Magnus shrugged a little “My birthright is also my curse. So did Horus send you to check on progress with Amon”

“He did, but he also wishes to know how you are, as we all do. I know that he wishes to come see you but with the Imperials opening up war-fronts every day, his hands are tied”

“Such is the pressure of being Warmaster” Magnus grabbed his Staff and as Perturabo rose from his seat he accepted his brothers offer to lean on him. “Amon has settled in well and work with him goes as well as it can be. I am good, Malcador was a lot older and more powerful then I. However, I discovered that if I put Amon into a hypnotic state and regressed him back in his mind, bits and pieces started to unlock.

I am close to break through now, I have had to be careful. I did not want to take his mind. Amon has a long and very honoured history.” Magnus walked slowly, Perturabo matched his stride, listening quietly “I have arranged lunch for us and when Amon has finished his morning ritual of exercise and battle practise, I will attempt to unlock tier one.”

“Tier one? What in Olympia's heart did Malcador put in there?”

“I do not know, but whatever it was, it was enough for the Emperor to have the Word Bearers and Black Templars after him, and enough to kill Malcador and Constantin in the bargain.”

Perturabo nodded and walked with his brother, whatever it was, it was important enough to die for, and maybe this would give them some leeway over that sanctimonious immortal that called himself their father on one hand on a god on the other. They needed that information, more now then ever, before the universe descended further into a darkness it would have no hope of escaping.

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