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Default A Lesson in Ork Piracy


A Dauntless class Light Cruiser has been spat out of the Warp, after disappearing off the face of the Imperial map, drifting helplessly through space as it's non-Warp engines have all but been destroyed by the ravages of the Immaterium. But due to its remote location, far from the Light of the Astronomicon, no other Imperial ships have been sent to find out what has become of it, leaving it to helplessly float there in the inky darkness. Despite this however, its beacon occasionally sends out a weak pin in the vague hope of being discovered, like a small ripple in a never ending sea. But sometimes small ripples on the surface can attract bigger fishes from the depths, and as an Ork ships pulls along side the lifeless hulk, these pirates are about to get a first hand look at what the Warp can offer them.


Your Ork Warboss has detected a ship on his sensors and, upon closer inspection, has decided he wants to do some looting. The ship seems fairly intact, no guns or large sections of hull torn off, so it gets the Boss's head itching as to why someone would just blow up the engines and leave perfectly good scrap. While our Warboss may not be the brightest bolter in the arsenal, he knows something's up, so rather than sending his boys across and end up getting ambushed by Humies who were in the middle of repairs, he decides to send a small team instead. You and a team of undecided size has been ordered to board the Humy ship, take a little lookise and report back with your findings.


No Mecs or vehicles allowed, while they could fit in there, I don't really think the Warboss would send his bigger units to search a ship.

No Godmodding, if you ain't smart enough to come up with a valid response then don't bother writing one at all.

A paragraph is the bare minimum I want. Four or five sentences telling me what your characters doing, I'm not looking for huge posts telling me how exactly your Ork managed to cut someone's guts out with a toothpick, but any flavour text is appreciated though.

Two posts between updates if you can manage, but one will do if it gets too time consuming for you.

Have fun, I'm looking to gain some experience as a GM and provide you with a fun little adventure while doing it.


Gretchins, your basic little goblin with a tendency to get the ever-living shit kicked out of them by Orks.

Wargear: Knife, Grot Blasta, Stikka-Bombs, Firey Stikka-Bombs or looted Melta-Bombs.

Boyz, the meat of any Ork assault worth it's salt.

Wargear: Stikka-Bombs, Shoota, Big Shoota, Slugga, Choppa, Mace/Flail and other blunt force weapons.

Nobz, those really big guys who'll hold casual conversation with you while tearing apart Guardsmen.

Wargear: Choppa, Big Choppa, Shoota, Big Shoota, Twin-Link Shoota, Power Klawz or a Big ol' Hammer.

Character Sheet

Name: (Duh)

Description: (I also want this to include your armour or lack there of if you prefer)

Background: (Was your Ork born into a warrior tribe and picked up by the Warboss or did some other turn of events bring you aboard his ship?)

Personality: (Is he mean, nasty and overall unpleasant to be around, or is he really just a big ol' teddy bear with rockets strapped to his shoulders?)

Wargear: (Will he go your standard Shoota and Choppa, or will he try something fancy with the Big Shoota and grenades tied to his chest?)


This is my first Ever Warhammer Rp, so please ridicule the shit out of me if you see anything out of place.

Updates will normally take place every Monday, but I will update if I see that everyone has posted twice before the allotted day.

Again, first Rp with this canon and my first attempt at being a GM actually, here's hoping I don't do terribly.

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