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Mutant Lacus

In a room of the 13th floor of the courthouse the judge Luββ had gathered some important executive: the captain of the Imperial Guards Rj Abween, the head of security Lan Dradeer town and vice-mayor Aly Bew.
Luββ informed of the reason for the summit: the disappearance of a student-scholar of the Schola Progenium ...
«It’s possible have more information about the potential of the guy?»
«For sure we know he is an important subject rise to a family engaged for some imperial duty»
« So it's just a matter of high noble or gentry? »
«No, not at all!»
«This guy is absolutely important! Now and for the future of the Empire!»
« We don’t yet this information about him ...»
«The criteria are of Save& Rescue »
« Dead ora alive!?»
«Well… better alive! »
« We have a clear mandate, but we can not make clear predictions…»
« Good, how many units should be deployed?»
« I consider appropriate 9 I.G. +1…»
«So many!? »
« Maybe better 8 I.G. +1 head +1…»
«No! 7 I.G. + 1 head + 1 ! I’s enough!»
«Cap. Abween, you have someone to suggest to the task? »
«Major Londo Kah and his crew of the IX squad. Leekaon »
« Who else to add?»
«Kor Lee or Adeliaeen Ammaroxx? »
« To date have never been applied Sororitas in the deep ...»
« She is totally trained!»
«Well then this is decided will be the team! We can not waste any more time! »
« Squad will be ready in 75 minutes!»
«Meanwhile a crew of forensics ill’ gather supplementary evidence in the disappearance area »
Dispatches disseminated to security forces read as follows:« The guy wearing a sweatshirt of Verna's HK, a pair of green pants and footwear of the Imperial Guard, has a backpack gray and probably of cycling gloves… It's called Lumino DeRha Ameebut his nickname is Phosphor» For precaution mass media were properly kept in the dark of the matter.
In addition to the forensics crew were employed police officers and some employees of the urban transport company for the observation of workplaces and records obtained by the fixed and mobile environment cameras.

At the appointed time the Leekaon Sqd.. reached the designated area: the route between the station Theta Geesta and Ambrha Lambda. After a brief exploration found the entrance to the lower town. No signs of recent passage was found, this would have been enough to stop the exploration, but they continued as per protocol. After a long vertical duct resulted in an artificial tunnel in part in part a real cave. They continued to find no traces of recent. In the darkness some aberrations observed in extinction men waiting for the right moment to attack, but they were not of sporvveduti and the attack proved catastrophic for the unclean creatures of the dark deep. Having reached the end of the dungeon asked and obtained permission to came back: the quest in that place did not give results!

Judge Luββ designated as plenipotentiary in charge of the case Inspector Agathee Sunn, he delivered the dossier of the informations that mut be immediately analyzes with carefully.
«From police report, case # 75764449xd: Removal of a underage (17 y.h) from “Parthia power”, alleged case of kidnapping…
Recordings of surveillance cameras requisite showing the young man who moves away from home and go without any constraints on the subway.
At the station Kefyx Omghi is approached by a person wearing a dark sweatshirt and had his head covered with the hood. Definitely a female, it’s not sure if she’s of human kind…
Facts that could be related to the case: two days before had been identified and addressed a warband of Chaos Space Marines - perhaps Iron Hands - at least five Chaos Marines fall, we are not able to state whether they have completed the mission ...
In the report prepared by forensics officer, Delma Ghar, in the area interested in exploring appeared graffiti stencil of the ark of Kafsi from some time… symbol found in the room of Lùmino among the personal effects: in the cogitator, in some d-pad, on the wall pictures and drawings and on few T-shirts ... given the high q.i. the sujgect who disappeared is occurring possbile presence of encryption keys. Definitely lacking in the room: one d-pad, an uspex, and a flashlight ».

There was a buzz and on a cogitator pict-screen appeared a message: was of detective Leez who was doing field surveys.
Had discovered that by joining the stencil is called an octagon and tracing the diagonals noted a point on a wall in the shade, outside the control of the cameras ... some signs made understand a recent shift. There were handprints and, in part, belonged to the wanted boy!
Lùmino, seemed clear, that he had not been forced, but remained to be seen whether it was glossy or it was a cheat ... of the Chaos.

Just back Leekaon team had reported to his commander who ordered him to be ready to go again. The new mission was organized differently, it was therefore necessary to be prepared for any eventuality. At this command they checked own equipment.

The agents Rhall and Van Bratt engaged in selecting and analyzing frames recovered from the classrooms and libraries attended by Lùmino. The aim was to see if he had developed a series of documents explaining its descent into the Undercity Verna.

They had to find a safe track to follow! The team would not have fallen into the abyss moving blindly in quest of a young silly or astray boy!

Buio traslucido e profondo
che mi fa cadere verso il centro del mondo,
oscurità paurosa e silente
che ogni passo fa pesante e morente...

Translucent dim and deep
that makes me fall toward the center of the world,
creepy and silent darkness
that each step is heavy and dying ...

The analysis of images and the reading of files linked gave surprising results: Lumino was looking for a awesome source of energy.
From the notes on the d-pad it deduce that he had come into possession of a journal of travel indite probably by Denizza Chobji.
Looking in the archives of intelligence you came into possession of some fragments of that journal.
«...we started at 15 from the upper-town, following the words of the “Larer”, but the crossing of the lower town had almost halved the group, too many dangers… However, the price to be paid was known ... get to the source, the well ... the way to the Empyrean...»
The information gathered by Rhall, Van Bratt and Chobji were sent to Agathee Sunn in real time. In this way learned that: a group of "pilgrims" came down in the lower town in search of an unspecified source.
The reason for the trip was born out of an "urban legend" that was bounced by cogitators in cogitators across the flow-wawe and then by word of mouth. Agathee Sunn decided to find the original story from which it all began! He arrived a lot close to the source, founding that Marj Rood had posted on his blog a text copied from a flow-site of an unknown. Everything became much clearer!
A group of pilgrims had come down in the bowels of the hivecity; during the trip they posted their journey on flow-wave forum. But the flow-site was accessible just by registering, so only part of the story was visible to everyone. Continuing with accuracy Sunn found this forum and came inside ... finding the whole trip report…

« We had chosen to follow the voice of the “Larer” Og who had told us a long way, perilous, that led to a miraculous source.
“Through me the way is to the city dolent;
Through me the way is to eternal dole
Through me the way among the people lost.”
Og had walked the same route, to a manic way, that path dirived by the voice of a god who made him get up to the well of eternal energy…
Early in the third, the darkness had not yet wrapped, but lose this two pilgrims. The defense against psykers was not enough. They were overwhelmed and absorbed, disappeared in the depths of undercity ...
The sixth day met some "fallen" men, changed into the body and mind, we tried a peaceful approach ... but after the end suffered by CJ, we can just run away!
… Few days later we met a pilgrim who believed lost, we discovered that if outwardly was always him ... his mind was changed, and his presence was a deception, a trick to eliminate us! Then we were forced to suppress him…
Walking in darkness we remain united became more and more complicated, unexpected events broke upon us group and so three pilgrims were swallowed by dimness ...
We stopped only when the way was blocked by a huge pipe vertically down in the deep: if around us was dark, under a slight phosphorescence was radiated from the floor
We got dropped after a long rope also composed of clothes and rags …
We dropped one by one into the pipe lay off more than two people. At the bottom we found a strange floor covered with silvery sand, phosphorescent. When everyone had got off, we realized that the sand seemed groped to absorb us, to keep us.
One of the pilgrims, Kewj, was sunk up to the knees! Toil a long before you get away from that place!
A huge cave opened in north-south direction. Following the indications of "Larer" Og we moved northwards until our left was not visible the entrance to a side tunnel
The new dungeon had an uneven floor that began in the plan but then became more and more inclined, we started a new descent…
Walked down a new path unknown, shrouded in darkness, just sometimes the walls were inexplicably phosphorescent ... There was an air stream followed by a sharp noise, as of broken branch or a strong static discharge, a muffled noise ... rolling ... found a recess wide enough and flattened against the wall, however, three pilgrims did not at the time, the darkness caught unprepared and they had no alternative but an annoying and intense smell of …blood.
After a lot of steps and some stops the dungeons arrived at a layby, where the ground seemed so much to a bottom of a dry mountain lake, cross it we continued until we found a bifurcation: one went straight into the darkness, the second rise in up with the unexpected presence of natural steps ... (the groung, given the kind of erosion, it seemed that of a waterfall)… we followed the directions suggest by Og and chose the stairs.
“The way is, however, perilous…” said the Laler Og. The climb was interrupted regularly by large rooms where the pilgrims used to rest.
Meanwhile take refreshment from a dark corner of the room came automas who grabbed one of the pilgrims shaking with vehemence without the possibility of reprieve or escape ... we abandon him to its fate going up faster to the ramps ...
After more than two thousand steps sensed the presence of fresh air, the joints to a door and crossed ...
“Thence we came forth to rebehold the stars”

We continue again and again as directed by Larer Og until we’ill find the “lake” or “well” ... we are at the limit of the batteries of our d-pad and a short get out of the connection with the hivecity because there is a thick fog enveloping bearer of an unknown magnetic- field... »

Then the script stop. The connection of the flow-wave falling. The group had left the hivecity limits for this was not as much as possbile post new information.

Agathee Sunn as a result of careful investigation contact the judge Luββ considers that it has sufficient information to act.
« I am sure that Lumino has leave without constraints, had follow the directions given in the mysterious blog just partially... what he research move periodically and he ave understand where to go… then left the Averno coming out from an emergency door which allarm had been off from some time. »
« I get it! Then contact the legion command and talk with the major Londo Kah of the squadron Leekaon and communicate the coordinates to be followed and precautions that you think are necessary!»
« Sir yes sir!»

The inspector Sunn immediately contacted the major Kha.
«Priority! I am sending you the coordinates of target »
«Perfect! We are ready! »
« I am sure that the track of Lumino show that he left hivecity walking, in the company of a female non-human ... be careful! I recovered the position because before they leaving the city limits had used a d-pad connected to the public connection to chart the course.»
«Ah! Ok Sir! »
« You will leave the city with grav-chute glide the plane x, which I mentioned in the operative provisions withthe engagement rules.»
«Affirmative! »
« Let’s Go! If possible bring back the guy ... alive… and, who was with him. However Nummer out as much of possible informations!»
«Sir yes Sir! »

Going up of a higher floors of hivecity wore the grav-chute and, before start the flight observed the scene around: the see white clouds and low bulked in the sky, and a thick fog covered much of the land below.
When they were all ready left the edge of the balcony directed to the base camp. So they leve the huge and dark Averna.
The weather would become invisible to the eye but infrared instruments ‘ill by-pass the problem! So they hope to not be considered ‘cause frequently some patrol squad turn on the areas outside the hivecity.
They flew through the clouds until it was in view of the base camp.
Landed marched towards the place where he probably would have found the young disappeared. Around the place there was a huge crater destination but seemed shallow.

The private Hiji and Gaaw who were on reconnaissance, arrived at the edge of the crater informed that there must have been battle …
« There are bodies of Chaos Space Marines scattered everywhere, could be about two squads ... »
« They could be the Iron Hands of few days ago !?»
« I would exclude it! The power armor and the symbols are different!»
Gaaw saw a twinkle, or rather two, fell to the ground touching Hiji who did the same in the Vox caster came a voice broken by the sound of static take cover!
« Take cover! Take cover!»»
An hail of bullets was discharged in all direction. A great cloud of dust rose up all around. The rest of the square rearmost had settled for a possible attack and with sniper accuracy fought, one at a time the fire-beholders.
Ceasefire and the dust thin out the squad be reunited with the two rangers who were unharmed.
Calmly analyzed the remains of Space Maines and they realized that they belonged to the mysterious Alpha Legion!
Pass over the crater’s edge and walked the route that led to the center of the crater, from a distance looked like there was some kind of pond or lake ...
Turning their gaze to the right saw some footprints, they realized that Lùmino had trodden a path different of them: avoiding the Space Marines ...
They saw a person sitting on the ground with legs crossed, that gave their shoulders, wore a dark suit, perhaps of leather, with a hood. To the right was a kind of trellis ... that seemed to support a flat plate and transparent ... like a mirror ...
Closer they saw that it was a metal plate on this there was the image of a young man who seemed frozen in an unnatural position ... as if it had crashed into a wall or were sliding ...
«Is Lùmino! » said major Kha.
Surrounded the person sitting and saw that it was a xenos female!
« What happened to the guy? What is this place?»
She gulp noisily « This is a lake Immaterium, also known as the Well of Souls ... moves ... does not stay long in the same place ... Lùmino ... is came in… remained only his figure ... This is one of the channels, a duct of warp ... you enter easily but is difficult to get out because it's not like a web portal ... is a concentration of psychic energy that transforms everything… conforming to itself »
«The boy has become part of the Immaterium ?! »
The xenos answered with guttural and metallic voice: « Not exactly ... for now it is done only absorb inside ... what will happen to him is not possbile to say ... »
« I've pushed you or ?! » ask lady Adeliaeen.
«He has chosen for himself, I had let him just get to this place ... that soon will move! You are in danger ... unless you too are here to reach the of souls vortex ... »
There was like a wind and the figure of the xenos vanished like mist ... followed a tremor of the ground ...
« Leekaon squad on the march! »
They walked quickly from the center of the crater after taking some photos and took samples of the soil around the well that sparkled like filled by a fluid metallic colored like a diamond ...
A boy was thrown into the well of the mutant warp, an xeonos had accompanied him in his path ... some Chaos Space Marines of Alpha Legio had tried to investigate!?
The private Deltyoz had collected a d-pad from one of dead Chaos Marine ... an interesting evidence ...

The squad Leekaon returned to Averno handed the evidences and the relationship to ispector Sunn.
She immediately contacted judge Luββ who received her with all the material collected.

« This is material of great interest! » say Sunn
« From what you told me ... I'd say so! »
« Judge ... this lake so unstable ... thinks we're in danger?»
«I have not the certainty ... but as far as I know ... it's just because in a very stable, can these "mutations" ... "event" ... »
«Ah, well ... »
Luββ took the material and dismissed Sunn saying
« Excellent job! Remains pending new orders! »
«Sir, yes sir » Said this left the bureau of Luββ.

Luββ sat down and analyzed quickly what Sunn had given him. The case was not solved completely, had lost an important guy ... and they made a startling discovery ... before contacting the Inquisition was nacessario ponder the facts ... and only after this, choose the right person to disclose that information.

The Immaterium is the kingdom of souls,
the souls and thoughts it up. Lùmino was in it,
could become part of it,
or go back to being an individual coming out of it.
… but had to give it some time…
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