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So I'm aware that this is pretty old news, however I just got it in paperback and was HUGELY impressed.

I hadn't previously read any of his stuff, sticking mainly to the HH series after continuous disappointments from everyone except Abnett in the quality of the work being offered.

A lot of the writers seem to suffer from an inability to make a Legion have its own flavour. For example Fear to Tread and Descent of Angels had very little to distinguish the "Angels" as being unique in any way. Abnett is the king of this, managing to take the ultra-vanilla vanilla marines of vanillaness (Ultramarines, if you didn't pick that up) and give them the whole "Mark", Theoretical/Practical and worrying about their role as statesmen after the Crusade to make them unique, along with the Alpha Legion, Sons of Horus, Space Wolves etc etc.

Wraight does just as well in this novel, giving insight into a previously near-unknown Legion. He dwells on their relationship to the other legions, their unwillingness to change due to outsiders preconceptions of what they are/should be, and their philosophy of battle - laugh as you kill, speed, precision. He also rounds out the Khan fantastically - drawing him close to Magnus, showing us the unique way in which he deals with his legion, and how he interacts with the other Primarchs and his views on the Emperor.

Overall a fantastic book - certainly the most enjoyable non-Abnett offering since the series first started with Fulgrim and Mechanicus. Now I need to go read his other works and hope they're as good as this.

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