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Originally Posted by ntaw View Post
That episode was a long winded explanation about what I thought was up about this DC trip to begin with. Now that they're done being side tracked by one-on-one face shot conversations maybe they will get back to some actual plot developments...don't get me wrong I'm not afraid of some dialogue, but that whole episode came down to him coming out that he's just another dude with a mullet who can go fuck 'imself. I'm curious as to what happens with that aspect of the group, but that could have dropped early/mid episode.

Ah but theres a greater problem thanks to this new development. They're all now fucked into going to DC for absolutely zero reason. They all split up and the only way to reunite is to go about the plan as if there were still a reason to go to DC.

And for anyone familiar with the comic, we all know what's in DC.
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