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Originally Posted by Vaz View Post
Tgere are no explosive sniper rifles being used for long range kills. Authorisation under I believe it's the geneva convention is kinda limited to encouraging the use of explosive ammunition against those targets.
Huh? You say they aren't being used then say they are being encouraged. I don't understand.

The Raufoss is a .50cal sniper round. The .50 Cal is an anti materiel weapon. A Sniper starting his day job doesn't get equipped with a Barrett, he gets equipped with a 7.62 or slightly larger variant, not a weapon designed to take on light vehicles or helicopters. Taking advantage of a target in the open is the snipers game - as I've yet to meet a serious military marksman in 8 years of service who thought that he'd be able to do his job better the further away he was. If you're referring to Sgt. Kremer's shot, he was hunting Fedayeen and militia upgunned pick ups, as that was his task. He gave a talk when I spent 7 months with the USMC during Anglo-US joint training operations at Gila Bend with our Apache's. We learned from him about spotting targets - the main thing he was employed as, rather than as a killer - the apache with its 2 million payload was the true killer instead - it was utter chance he was in a position to take the shot - and he even said he 'missed' - the shot taking him in the stomach rather than the chest.
I don't understand this point. I never said it makes the job easier being further away, I said it can carry the energy better. The explosive payload will "hit" just as hard no matter the range. Yeah being closer is better, there are fewer variables you need to consider, but being further away generally means the enemy thinks you are out of range and takes fewer precautions or doesn't even know you are there. The 14.5x114mm that was used recently to kill an M23 leader was a long range kill on a target of opportunity, yes. Besides the US's .50's there are a couple of 20mm rifles being developed and deployed by other countries.

The XM25 and Neopup are, according to the wiki page you linked, in direct competition with each other. The slight differences according to that page are minor points outside of the ideal of that bolter, and theoretical design.
Maybe, but the design motivation behind the XM-25 was air burst grenades to hit enemies in cover. The Neopup is a direct hit weapon, probably with a smaller frag area than the XM-25's ammo. The Bolter is a direct hit weapon as well. It is not a grenade launcher
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