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Against the flow somewhat but I thought the film was very average.

Could have been done so much better. As for the battle scenes being realistic, I think not. The picture of a spartan holding a spear in one hand and knocking a charging cavalryman backwards of his horse was shown more than once and was clearly ludicrous. That said the battle scenes were very entertaining just not realistic.

I also thought the scenes shot in sparta with the queen etcetera were pointless adding nothing to the movie. They could also have put the movie more into it's historical setting. A short explanation of what went before and how inspirational the battle was would have been good.

The main downfall of the movie was that it didn't get you involved with the charachters. If you compare it to other last stand movies like Zulu or The Alamo it just doesn't stand up. Essentially at the end I hadn't engaged with any of the charachters and therefore didn't care that they were dead.

All my opinion of course sorry , not impressed.
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