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Thanks to Death Nikorps for the info, I compiled this release list from it;

Horus Heresy
Deathfire by Nick Kyme (Salamanders) (Early 2015)
The Eagles Talon/Iron Corpses by David Annandale and John French (April 2015)
Raptor by Gav Thorpe (Raven Guard) (June 2015)
Angels of Caliban by Gav Thorpe (Dark Angels) (TBD)
Dreadwing by Dan Abnett (Dark Angels/Imperium Secundus) (Early 2016)
The Crimson King by Graham McNeill (April 2015)
The Herald of Sanguinius by Andy Smillie (Blood Angels/Imperium Secundus) (Audio) (Christmas 2015/2016??)
An Imperium Secundus Anthology including a story about the Night Lords of Death and Guy Haley in Defiance, one on what the Ultramarines and on Sanguinius and the Blood Angels (Smillie?).
Cybernetica by Rob Sanders (LE Novella) (Delayed)
Alpha Legion Short Stories by Chris Wraight
Second White Scars novel by Chris Wraight (2016?)
Master of Mankind by Aaron Dembski-Bowden (Cancelled) (NNNNOOOO!!!)
The Fall of the Death Guard is not part of the Arc Imperium Secundus.

Ahriman: Unchanged by John French (Late 2015)
The Battle for Macragge by Graham McNeill (SMB)
The World Engine by Ben Counter (Early 2015)
The Hunt for Magnus by Chris Wraight (1st Edition Novella) (SMB)
Shield of Baal: Deathstorm by Josh Reynolds (Soon)
Black Templars Series by Guy Haley (Trilogy or Long-running, unknown)
The Hand of Asurmen (Mid 2015)

The End Times 3 by Gav Thorpe (Elves)
The End Times 4 by Guy Haley (Orcs and Goblins/Dwarves)
Slayer by David Guymer (End Times)
Malus Darkblade: Deathblade (End Times)


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