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Originally Posted by GignoidDude View Post
Firstly I want to thank the Warp for finding them time to allow use fellow deviants to advice my plans. and I've taken into account whats been said and I think I've managed to find a nice medium ground for my fluff/rule of kool and competitiveness...Lets see what ya all think

Main Detachment:

HQ: Ahriman - 230

EL: Helbrute (+TL Las Can/+Missile L) - 135

TR: x9 Thousand Sons (+MB's/+Force Sword) - 247
TR: x9 Thousand Sons (+MB's/+Force Sword) - 247
TR: x10 Cultists (+8 Auto Guns/+Hvy Stubber) - 63

HS: Infernal Relic Predator (+Auto Can /w Inferno Bolts/+Side Hvy Bolters/+Maelific Ammo) - 140

Allied Detachment A:

HQ: Herald of Tzeentch (+disc/+ML2/+Exalted Reward) - 125

TR: x11 Pink Horrors - 99

FA: x6 Screamers - 150

Allied Detachment B:

HQ: Lord of Change (+Lesser Reward/+2 Greater Reward/+ML3) - 305

TR: x11 Pink Horrors - 99

HS: Soul Grinder (+Tzeentch/+Bale Torrent) - 160

Total: 2000pts

So start ya engines. what ya think dudes

i really like this army. Like it better without the Allies A though. As mossy say, keep the screamers, skip the rest. Perhaps buy a unit to infiltrate for archiman. Plasma/melta chosen? Termies? hell can you infitrate a Maulerfiend?

as for the cultists, i would keep them if i had some cool minies. some deranged lunatics desperate for power? begging for the forbidden secrets of the warp? im sure i have room for them

not very usefull though, apart from home objectives.
but i love fluffy armies

Edit: The predator, what is that? From Imperial armour, or whatever the book is called, FW stuff?

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