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Right lol, try and try again. I honestly think I've cracked it this time.

HQ: Ahriman - 230

EL: Helbrute (+TL Las Cannon/+Missile L)

TR: x20 Cultists (+18 Auto Guns/+2 Hvy Stubbers) - 118
TR: x20 Cultists (+2 Flamers/+Champ Shotgun) - 102
TR: x9 Thousand Sons (+MB/+Force Sword) - 247
TR: x9 Thousand Sons (+MB/+Force Sword) - 247

HS: Relic Sicarian (+Maelific Ammo/+Side Hvy Bolters/+LoR Maelstrom Raider) - 220
HS: Infernal Relic Predator (+TL Las Cannon/+Side Las Cannons/+LoR Fourth Quad Rebellion) - 155

Allied Detachment

HQ: Lord of Change (+ML3/+1 Lesser/+2 Greater) - 305

TR: x10 Pink Horrors - 90

FA: x6 Screamers - 150

Total: 1999pts

For those that don't know about those Legacy rules for the vehicle's. The Relic Sicarian has because of its LoR - Gains Outflank & Fear....so that should be HILARIOUS to see peoples faces when that monster roles on table along with Thousand Son troops thanks to Master of Deception warlord trait "thank you very much Ahriman". The Infernal Relic Predators LoR will give it ++4 on its las hull point, but more importantly will give cultists within 12" Fearless I personally REALLY like this list hehehehe
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