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Originally Posted by GignoidDude View Post
HQ: Herald of Tzeentch (+disc/+ML2/+Exalted Reward) - 125

TR: x11 Pink Horrors - 99
I might honestly cut these guys out and stick with one allies detachment (folding the Screamers into the one, of course). Yeah, the Screamers won't have a Herald in them, and you won't get Grimoire in there, but... the 224 points you'd free up could go to some great use in your Heavy Support section of your main detachment. Bring back in that second t-l las/las Predator, perhaps; also maybe grab some Havocs with autocannons? (would have to squeeze for a few more points, perhaps, but I think it'd be worthwhile)

You could also swap that Helbrute for the t-l las/las pred, too, if something else catches your eye...

Originally Posted by GignoidDude View Post
TR: x10 Cultists (+8 Auto Guns/+Hvy Stubber) - 63
If you're keeping both 1kson squads at full size, plus have Horrors hanging around, I don't know if you really need these guys. They might serve as a bubble wrap tarpit to slow down an enemy melee unit for a turn, sure... by the list might also be better served by taking 2 more Screamers.

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