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Default White Veteran Helmets

Hello all. I thought I'd post up my tutorial on painting white veteran's helmets, as found on Terminators and Veterans in many Space Marine 1st Co.

The finished article looks something like this:

I go for a quite dramatic look, which may not appeal to all - in which case just add more white to the earlier stages.

(Once I've painted my apothecary, I'll update with an example of using this method on armour.)

You need:

A good couple of brushes: I use Standard and Detail
Paints: Skull White, Adeptus Battlegrey (Foundation), Black Ink
A drop of PVA or Washing Up Liquid (unless you're using Badab Black wash, apparently it doesn't need a mixer)

Step 1:

I always prime in black, just because I prefer the way the paint covers it.

Step 2:

I paint the eyes in a darkish red; you could do green, blue, whatever. For the helmet itself, use the grey colour, nice and thin. Only leave the very darkest parts black - the grey is ideally the darkest it needs to go without taking on the Cel-shaded look.

Step 3:

To add a little more shading, I water down black ink 50:50 and mix with only enough PVA/washing up liquid (I used washing up liquid, but have since tried PVA and it's the same - just use slightly less). to cover the tip of the standard brush. This also blacklines the eyes for you.

Step 4:

These shots don't do the helmet justice particularly, as it's super zoomed in. It's also one stage further on, but I can be quite accurate with the method:

4a: 70:30 grey:white, leaving a gap where the edges meet.
4b: 50:50 grey:white, leaving some of the previous layer.
4c: 20:80 grey:white, covering most the face now, leaving a previous layer showing near the edges.


Step 5:

IMPORTANT: Change your water at this point.

Finish up by using the same method as before, but this time with pure white. Again, very thin paint.

Done! Hope this helps.

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