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Originally Posted by Warhawk View Post
I wish I could tell you. Chances are I won't get too much interest for my digital tabletop game either, but that's the way it goes I guess. I'd really hate to see this turn into a fanfic; no offense but I'd really like to 'do' rather than just read.
Well I certainly wouldn't "hate" converting The Holy Fleet into a short story, but I do agree with you. I'd rather see this narrative setup turn into what it was intended for, a multi-player/multi-ship void war with the benefit of a variety of perspectives. That way we could all be readers and doers.

There are several strong writers on this board and I was hoping to recruit a few: As it turned out it didn't happen. And if my options are limited to letting my RP premise and research just fade away or be posted as fanfic, then I choose fanfic.
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