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Originally Posted by Warhawk View Post
There is a marked lack of... integrity here. I don't understand all of these professions of interest and a willingness to take part, only to let it languish. Better to not reply at all than to raise and dash hopes against a stone.

Bone2pick, you might have to curtail your expectations rather significantly to get this off the ground.
Sorry for the late reply. I was relying on my thread subscription updates to keep me informed of any new posts here, but it appears that didn't happen. I suspect that if this RP was ever going to get enough players to start it would have happened by now. I'm not sure what else I can/could do to attract more committed players?

Personally speaking all is not lost, I have plans to convert this RP setup into a story for the fanfic section of this forum. The struggle for the Caligo sector will go on.
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