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Originally Posted by Malus Darkblade View Post
When you say I. Can you clarify?

I = Me, myself, my person, my body.

Is that clear enough ?

I would definitely not mind a list of the pre-release books, so that I can see what's coming.
Ok, but we already know this:

+ Alone, a Raven Guard audio by Joe Parrino.

And a few others non-announced... I hope BIG SUPRISES !

I'll take pictures if there is mentions of any new books inside pre-released books.

And if Laurie Goulding happens to be there, could you possibly ask him if we are still getting a Scythes of the Emperor Space Marines Battles novel??
I already want to ask him about it. But I think there is no Scythes novel, not yet.

He said that a few days ago when Visions of War was announced:

"For everyone who was convinced I had a Scythes novel on the way... not quite yet."

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