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Doctor Strange for me, The Sorcerer Supreme is in my top 5 Marvel Characters and has been since I first read one of the early ASM Annuals.

Black Panther could be brilliant, especially if it's to be believed that it's Ullyses Klaw in the Age of Ultorn Trailer.

Captain Marvel for me it all depends upon who gets cast as Carol with myself routing for Kate Sachoff.

While splitting movies into 2 isn't a practice I like, I think it's really needed since as it stands the revealed 4 gems are scattered -while I maintain Thanos already has another unrevealed Gem - so presumably Infinity War 1 will be Thanos attaining all the Gems, with Infinity War 2 being the showdown.

Ragnarok has me intrigued since I found Dark World to be a bore though the ending is just damn good.

The one I'm most cautious about is Inhumans, while I think The Silent King is a total badass, I'm curious as to how they would approach it without the FF

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The Old World just became a fart in the bath.....
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