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My point exactly. The game itself was designed for children initially - mainly to piggyback off the anime, comics and general hype. But recognising that there is an indepth battling and competitive scheme - usually by those who have played back since the halcyon days of red and blue, or maybe gold/silver if you were a late comer. I was on a flight out of Kandahar back to cyprus after 9 months in afghanistan, and I had 100 marines yelling 'go pikachu!' As i took on gary at cerulean town bridge.

Nintendo and gamefreak/games workshop acknowledge/refuse to acknowledge that people battling their pokemon/models that they have spent ages trying to catch them all/model and paint, and so back up that huge investment in time/money and effort/effort by providing fantastic, in depth and complex, but oddly balanced and well documented battle and training system with IV's, EV's, typing Combinations, status conditions/poorly written, poorly supported, badly balanced rules and a non existent competitive scene, while backed up with an excellent support of veteran players/none existant encouragement of veterans.

The ethos is the exact same. The execution is entirely different. Maybe that is down to size, but a company as successful as Nintendo providing high end retail capital expenses, GW can learn the most. It is almost contempt with which veterans are treated.

GW needs to stop hiring fans to write codexes and looking at those who actually play the game at that level. Similar to how DOTA and Call of Duty and other MLG Esports use such 'semiprofessionals' to shape the design and balance of their game.

I don't like being shit on by my own investment, and hence i refuse to support them.

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