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Originally Posted by ChaosRedCorsairLord View Post
I'd wager they just don't care. If not it means they still haven't realised plasma pistols aren't worth 15pts. No one can be that incompetent.
I'm expecting that to change fairly soon, maybe with the next Marine book; Plasma Pistols cost 15pts because that's what they've always cost. Land Raiders and Terminators are overpriced as well, they're just left that way because that's how they've been forever (and for the old guard, yes, I know, not literally forever, but the history of 'modern' 40k). That's been broken with a couple of things recently, if I'm remembering rightly - the fiddling with the cost of Tacticals was a step, and the new 'different' Terminators (GKT and Chaos Terminators - things that aren't Storm Bolter/PFist with a Sergeant with Power Sword and the option for an Assault Cannon, Heavy Flamer or Cyclone) being far cheaper are both hopefully signs of things to come.

Originally Posted by ChaosRedCorsairLord View Post
God forbid you play a horde army. Currently I can field most squads in X-wing, and yet for the cost of all that stuff I still couldn't even afford a 1500pt 40k SM army. If you include the cost of rules and codices I can't even get half way there, Ridiculous!
I know it's highly subjective and I'm not knocking it, but I'll just say that I'd gladly pay for 40k miniatures over X-Wing toys.

Totally agree that horde armies are expensive as balls though - Nids can get kinda an okay deal with the snap-fit Gaunts, but Orks and Guard get shafted (unless you picked up a gorillion Black Reach Boyz, natch).

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