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Originally Posted by SilverTabby View Post
Having been playing 40k since 2nd Ed, you youngsters know *nothing* of game balance issues
Haha, the condescending veteran response, I wasn't expecting that!

Seriously though, in second edition 40k didn't have the level of competition it does nowadays. There's almost nothing GW does anymore that another company doesn't do better, which is sad. For all it's faults I do love 40k.

Originally Posted by humakt View Post
This I have to whole heartedly agree with.

I am finding in hard to keep up with the break neck release speed GW are maintaining. But I love this. It means when I play somebody I don't know everything they have in their army. I am kept guessing which is all part of the enjoyment. I now want to take different lists to see what happens in certain circumstances or against different armies. I want to tray a data slate here or formation there. Woohoo for variety.

Another thing about 7th I have found I really like are the Maelstrom of war missions. I do think you need to be prepared to play them, as you need a mobile army to have a chance of getting a steady build up of VP's but its definitely fun to play.
Fair enough man, I'm glad you're enjoying it. I think having a large collection of models to draw upon would definitely make it a lot more enjoyable. Given how long I've played 40k, my collection of finished projects is pathetically small.

Originally Posted by Vaz View Post
With what's assumed the majority of the writers having played the game that long as well, it comes across that those who are writing those rules know nothing of game balance either.
@MidnightSun - in regards to Grey Knights - does it not bother you that you now have to pay for not only a new codex, but 2 other smaller books to use the same rules?
I'd wager they just don't care. If not it means they still haven't realised plasma pistols aren't worth 15pts. No one can be that incompetent.

Originally Posted by Khorne's Fist View Post
It's not so much the price, but value for money. I have no problem paying €50 for a box of toy soldiers, but that €50 goes a lot further in other systems. In 40k it might buy me a Stormwolf, which would amount to about 15% of the points cost of an army. That same €50 would get me 2 boxes of Warlord Games excellent plastic US marines for Bolt Action, which could be used to make about 600 or 700 points of a 1000 point army. If GW offered even close to that kind of value I'd probably have one of each army.
God forbid you play a horde army. Currently I can field most squads in X-wing, and yet for the cost of all that stuff I still couldn't even afford a 1500pt 40k SM army. If you include the cost of rules and codices I can't even get half way there, Ridiculous!

On a more positive note: I guess the thing I like most about GW is their models and kits. There are better models out there, but in terms of bits and variety the GW kits are great. Also some of their vehicles (especially the FW stuff) are pretty damn awesome. The Leman Russ still remains one of my favourite sci-fi tanks of all time.

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