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Something that I would truly like to see to address those price issues:

We have clip-together models for the base game - Dark Vengeance, Black Reach and so on. They're great quality sculpts and only sacrifice versatility (and even then, you can still do some stuff with them). They're also far cheaper to make than multi-part kits, as evidenced by the price that GW was able to put them out for.

So my idea would be for each battleforce to be clip-together models, for each army. You get two infantry squads, a vehicle/MC and a commander. Obviously new moulds and stuff are the significant cost for GW here, so they'd be rotated in with codex releases rather than all done at once. Clip together Rhino? Fire Warriors? Daemons? Yes please.

I know for a fact that if they were the same quality as DV they'd sell like hot cakes, at the right price point.

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