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So my mum's boyfriend just went and spent $20k on a new motorcycle.

This being the same boyfriend who constantly complains about us "not having any money" when we need to go out ad get stuff like FOOD.

I'm really starting to get fucking sick of people who just sit there complacently while their significant others fuck up their lives. She's been with this guy for like 7+ years now and it's constantly an uphill struggle. I had a friend I was helping through a horrible patch in her relationship where she was having panic attacks and crying every night because her boyfriend never called her back, never went out with her, and in one case, she was pretty certain he was cheating on her because he was taking some pretty hardcore drugs. Now? They're happier and cuddlier than ever, and she still comes to me worried about him.

If somebody could actually not just throw my resume in the garbage like fucking everybody I've applied to so I could get a job so I could have some "retail therapy" of my own, THAT'D BE FUCKING GREAT.

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