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The FAQs updating books to 7th ed, the addition of the Toxicrene and Maleceptor (new models and rules for a Codex; sure, they're not exactly going to win any tournaments, but GW is adding new models to a faction outside of a Codex release and the rules are free because they come in the box. How is that in any way not a brilliant thing?) and a similar concept with Dataslates (sure, it's a microtransaction, but it's also adding Be'lakor and Cypher and Tyrannic War Veterans without having to wait four years for the next iteration of your Codex and it adds more options to the game), a more general acceptance of Forge World through use of it's models in White Dwarf, the re-introduction of army list variety (in 5th, we had FOC-swapping characters and that was great, and then the whole idea lulled in mid-6th/7th edition until Grey Knights, who have a brilliant Detachment that forces you to make real choices as to which FOC you use, let alone what units you put within that).

Yeah, I'm really liking GW at the moment.

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