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Originally Posted by Radu Lykan View Post
just flicked through all of this, looks great, especially liking the satellite images for some reason
russes look cool especially the punisher, like a (not so)mini macharius, what did you use for the tracks?
your scion kitbashes look good, got some of those heads left over from making my arbites so will be stealing the badass vets idea
Thanks buddy, it's nice to have some encouragement. It's been a while, and I've not been hobbying as hordcore as I'd like, new job and all.

I've dipped a bit into WFB, what with End Times being so fucking incredible and all.

But I've also been at work on these bad boys, but GK Termies. Truescaled and all!

This is the sergeant. He's going to be weilding a whopping great deamonsword:

These are the rest of the bodgers:

And my obligatory minigun man:

I'm having a hobby day tomorrow at a mate's, and these guys might get some paint on them. I'll also be working on a new superscaled deathwatch captain, and 5 truescale assault marines.

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