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@SwedeMarine Thanks very much for the offer of somewhere to crash on arrival, but having done lots of research then I'm going to fly in much further west - near Phoenix. There simply isn't enough stuff to attract me on the eastern side of the continent to justify landing there and making my way over, when I can simply fly an extra 2000 miles for ~80 on the plane price.

So the states I'll be spending a lot of time in will be New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Nevada and California. Potentially a bit in West Texas if I can justify it.

If anyone else has a spare sofa/back garden in any of those places then I'd love to hear about it! Or in fact if you have any great memories of hiking/camping anywhere in the outdoors in those states, or any activities such as rafting, canoeing, diving, climbing etc etc you can recommend me. I'd also like to potentially shoot some guns at some point, since, y'know, you can't really do that easily in the UK. Are commercial rifle ranges common/expensive/popular/safe? Assume that I have greater recoil control than a 9yr old girl.

I am, of course, doing my own research over the next few weeks but I value peoples first hand opinions very much.

I'll be flying out on the 26th November and wandering around until about the 25th of Feb.


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