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Default [Necromunda] [40k] [Inq28] [Inq54] [BFG] [WFB], Radu Lykan fails to make up his mind

hi recently been trying to increase my online presence in order to get more feedback on my stuff
lately i have been trying to get my imperial guard done but slowing me down is an attempt to build some necromunda gangs that also fit into said imperial guard, also am a bit of a half job harry type guy, flitting from one project to the next. anyway i will be posting pics of whatever i get done in here

latest stuff

delaque necromunda gang/imperial guard desert vets

necromunda enforcers/scion counts as

necromunda hired guns/imperial guard carapace vets

necromunda pit fighter (fluff wise part of a mechanicus reclaimator gang) / servitor lol

currently participating in a paint one mini a month community project on the ammo bunker and have managed to get at least one model done every month so far so hopefully that will continue and there will at least be 1 update per month, don't hold your breath though
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