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Originally Posted by Orochi View Post
Would @Svartmetall have had anything to do with this model, I wonder?
Nope. The people in charge of hiring for the Studio absolutely screwed me over in my attempts to get them to hire me, and they made me redundant from Production in March; I am no longer anything to do with that company, and right now I refuse to give them another penny of my money - it's Ebay for me for the foreseeable future. My experience of working for GW was pretty much characterised by unprofessional behaviour, lies, incompetence, negligence, arrogance, bias and bullying at a managerial level every step of the way.

Am I yet another in the long, long line of bitter ex-GW employees? You're damn fucking right I am.

There are some great people working there, but as far as I'm concerned GW management can most accurately be summed up by a well-known phrase that rhymes with 'crunch of runts'.


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